My boys had a fantastic time at the historic wagner farm in Glenview IL

I had been worried about what activities to do with my two boys on their long summer break.

Usually, my husband would plan fishing trips or camping getaways with them since it was their thing.

Unfortunately, he had to go back to work this time around since he had been recalled back to official army duty. This was unexpected and sudden, so we did not have time for a backup plan. I knew the boys would be restless spending all summer without a few days off. Thankfully, my sister had raised young boys since my nephews were no teenagers, and I quickly asked her some of the things they loved to do when they were my son’s age. She had a few on a list, and I discussed what they wanted to do during the period with the boys. One of the activities they chose, which was pleasantly surprising, was visiting a historic farm. They had been taught about the farm in school before they went on recess, and they were eager to see it for themselves. My sister advised me to book a room nearby since it may be too late when we get back home. She was even kind enough to recommend a few family-friendly holiday inns she had spent with her boys back then. We chose one and booked it but first started our trip at the farm. The boys learned much about pigs, chickens, draft horses, and other farm animals and houses. They were too exhausted from helping out the farmhands at the farm. By the time we got to the hotel, I had realized that the room was not well ventilated. The AC was also faulty, but the owner brought a portable window AC for the night as we would leave in the morning.

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Exciting Experience at the Zoo

Anyone would have told me about getting excited to visit a zoo.

I would have dismissed them.

I did not hate animals, but they also didn’t excite me that much. I knew they existed in the same space that I lived in, and that was all there was to it. However, a family trip to the Denver zoo changed my mind. I was already in college, and I only agreed to come on this trip because I wanted to visit a cannabis dispensary to buy a few products for later. My friend from Denver had told me that cannabis was legal in her home place as long as one was of age. My parents did not know what I had planned as I wanted to excuse myself to make the private trip alone once we were settled at the hotel. However, my dad insisted that this was a family trip and everyone was supposed to be present. What started as a dull morning after that little argument with my old folks slowly turned into a perfect day once we arrived at the zoo. It turns out that I had a soft spot for animals, but it was unexplored. I immediately fell in love with the animals after a close-up look at the lions. They seemed so perfect that I wanted to get closer, only that it was not allowed. I ended up taking lots of photos and didn’t even realize as time went by. It was not anything I had imagined. There were lots of young tourists like myself around, and the zoo was fun. I did a little digging and discovered that this zoo was one of the most popular tourist spots in the whole of Denver. I could not believe that I almost missed out on such an opportunity.

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My brother invited me to visit him last summer in Seattle

I missed my older brother.

Growing up, we were so close, and I felt the void every time I passed by his empty room.

But, I knew he was living his best life in Seattle. He’d landed a great opportunity to work with his role model and went for it. That was four years ago, and he only came home for the holidays. Last summer, we were talking, and I explained to him I was having a tough time. School was hard, and I just needed to take a break. I simply thought my brother would listen as he normally did and give me some advice. Though we were ten years apart, he always managed to say the right thing. But, he asked me if I wanted to go spend the summer in Seattle. He had a ticket ready for any time I was ready to go, but I told Mom and dad. I wanted until mom and dad got home to speak with them about flying to Seattle. It would be my first time flying to Seattle alone, and I was looking forward to the trip. My parents had no objections and even called my brother to talk about the trip. I left that weekend and flew to a distant state on my own for the first time. My brother picked me up at the airport, and we drove to his home. He left a little later for work, and I walked around to see what he had. There were some CBD gummies in his room, but I was underage, so I didn’t touch them. CBD is legal in Seattle, so I wasn’t surprised to see he even had cannabis oil on his shelf.

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Mom was surprised at how wonderful Santa Barbara felt

I was so happy she liked it since I wanted her to know that I was doing fine

When I called mom, she was in a hurry and said we would talk when she got home. I wanted to tell her I was leaving over the phone so that she didn’t try to convince me to stay. However, I waited until she got home and brought up the topic. I had a fantastic job offer, but it was in another state. Mom thought it was somewhere near, but it wasn’t. My new base of operations was going to be in Santa Barbara. Mom had to sit down when she heard the news, and I tried as best as I could to explain why it was such a wonderful opportunity. Mom said nothing for some time, then she stood up and hugged me. She said she’d never hold me back no matter how much she’d miss me. A month later, I flew to Santa Barbara and began my new position as a top manager at the new company. Work was great, and I was getting used to the new environment. The weather was always good, and I had discovered a favorite pot shop where I’d buy some CBD oils. About 6 months later, I flew mom to Santa Barbara for a tour of this lovely city. She loved it just as much as I did and even spoke of coming back to tour it with her friends. I was so happy she liked it since I wanted her to know that I was doing fine. Mom flew home a week later, and I had to admit I missed having her around. She promised to come to visit as often as she could, but it was my turn to go home for Christmas in December.

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Mom kept commenting how hot it was in Libertyville last summer

Mom had been unwell for some time, and I wanted to cheer her up. I’d been working in Libertyville for two years, and she’d never been to the area. So last summer, I organized for her to visit me in the area for her birthday. I called a florist in her home and asked her to deliver mom some flowers, favorite candies, and a card with her plane ticket inside. The florist was so wonderful since she called me on video chat to see my mom’s reaction. It was the best thing ever, and two months later, she got on a plane to Libertyville. Mom was looking forward to seeing my apartment, which she’d only seen in pictures. However, it was so hot, and she kept commenting on this all the way home. Lucky for her, I had an energy-efficient cooling system that kept my apartment chilled. Mom got into the apartment and was so happy with the space. As a child of an interior designer, a few things had rubbed off on me over the years. Mom had taught me how to work with colors and light, especially if you have a small space. I didn’t want a vast and expensive apartment, so I did my best to decorate it to my taste. We spent that summer touring different places across the state when I had time from work. Mom went back home in the fall, and we planned another big trip the next summer. We had plans to visit some neighboring states on a road trip.
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I was so happy my finance was in Denver

Moving from California had been the hardest thing to do.

  • But, there was no other choice.

While that was my home, Denver was offering me a chance to live my dream. I’d applied and gotten the best position at a top startup company in the area. Not only was the package on offer insanely good, but it also meant I could grow and become the person I always knew I’d be. Perhaps my biggest champion in all of this was my best friend and fiance. He made sure I didn’t doubt in my mind about our relationship. Yes, it would be hard for us to go from seeing each other every day to dating long distances, but we had a plan. I was going to move there and scope the area. He was working hard to make his company remote, making it easier for him to move to Denver. But, until then, he was going to come there to see me and stay for some time. This would be his first visit to my new apartment in Denver, and I was so excited that I left work early. I drove to the airport to pick him up and cried so much when we embraced. That evening, we planned not to spend time indoors but go and explore the wonderful city. I had to admit to my fiance that the city had grown on me thanks to my cousin who had been showing me around. After dinner, we took a taxi to another location where I showed my fiance my favorite cannabis store. Weed was legal in Colorado, so there were so many recreational treats for us to enjoy during his visit.


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The History of Cocoa Florida

Florida is an amazing place to live, and many of the places in Florida that are most famous are big cities such as Miami or Tampa or Orlando.

  • Florida is not all big cities.

There are lots of small towns in Florida, as well, and many Floridians live a simple and quiet life in Florida. one such smallish town is Cocoa Florida. Cocoa is located in Brevard County, and it’s a relatively small town. No one really knows how Cocoa got its name, but 1 interesting tale involves the post office. People will tell you that the reason the town is called Cocoa is because way back in the early times of the town, the postman would come by boat and would supply the town’s mail by putting it inside a Hershey’s cocoa can that was nailed to one of the wooden poles sticking out of the water. If that isn’t a great story, I don’t know what it is. But I have no idea if it’s true or not. The downtown area of Cocoa can trace its Beginnings back to around 1885 or so. That is when a hardware store first opened. The most interesting thing is that the hardware store still exists! Being a relatively new state, it is unusual to have businesses that have been around a hundred and thirty years. So in that way, Cocoa is unique. Cocoa is not unique in one way. And that is the fact that it gets very hot in Cocoa. If you live anywhere in Florida, especially in Cocoa, it is vital that you have a really good air conditioning system. Most people use central air conditioning that is run on electricity. The heating system is not necessary most of the time, but some people do enjoy using their heater during the coldest days of the year.
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Rachel had a wonderful time at the Albuquerque Old Town

Rachel knew the move to New Mexico was going to change her whole life.

She had been born and raised on the east coast.

She had a pretty normal childhood, but some part of her never felt quite at home there. Yes, her parents were happily married and had been together for a long time. But Rachel did not want that for herself. Instead, her main focus was her career and making sure she made a name for herself. Her mentor and role model were one of the most successful businesswomen in the world. Rachel wanted to have a similar life though she knew she could not become like her. It got to a point when she started working every day. Rachel did her best to gain recognition and do the best work she could. And finally, all her efforts paid off when she got the promotion. They had a huge office in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she would be located for some time. Her folks understandably were hesitant about the move since they would see less of her. But, they knew better than to try and stop Rachel from doing what he wanted to do with her life. So, they prayed for her and let Rachel move to New Mexico. They promised to come and visit her soon when she was settled in her new place. Rachel loved it there and even got to see some weed dispensaries. Weed is legal in Albuquerque, and Rachel loved her gummies. Her first week in New Mexico was settling into her apartment and touring the sights. She loved spending time in the Albuquerque Old Town with all its historic buildings and wonderful atmosphere.



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Shark fishing in San Francisco is a good time

I have lived in California for pretty much my whole life.

My family started here in the 1850’s when my great-great Grandfather started mining for gold in the section near San Benito County.

In time, our family settled near San Francisco. The town has a truly rich history, however a good amount of people moved here after cannabis was made legal. Cannabis definitely is 1 of the main industries in the center of the state where plants can grow remarkably well. The town has more than 100 bizarre cannabis dispensaries, CBD shops, plus lounges. Many people appreciate going to San Francisco for the tourist attractions sort of like Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, plus Alcatraz Island. For local people that have been in San Francisco for a good portion of their life, there are a lot more interesting locations to visit. There is a certain destination in San Francisco where the water is genuinely clear plus the sharks enjoy gathering. In the day before the sun comes up, my pals plus I enjoy going to the beach to fish for sharks. Our preferred stadium in San Francisco is roughly an hour drive from our residence, but none of us mind getting up early so we can get there for the finest fishing of all time. The people I was with and I always pack up numerous pre rolled marijuana cigarettes plus head to the beach for an enjoyable day. Occasionally we easily get lucky plus catch something wonderful, but most of the time we have good fun. I have seen some mega great whites in the water, although I wouldn’t legitimately have the wish to hook 1 of them on my actual line. That would be the most ferocious fight of my life.


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You can do some serious shark fishing in San Francisco

I have resided in California for a good portion of my life… My family started here in the 1850’s when my great-great Grandpa started mining for gold in the particular area near San Benito County.

In time, our family settled near San Francisco.

The neighborhood has a rich history. A good amount of people moved here after cannabis was eventually legalized. Cannabis is a single of the main industries in the center of the state where plants can grow extremely well. As a matter of fact, The neighborhood has a ton of different cannabis dispensaries, CBD shops, in addition to lounges. A good amount of people enjoy visiting San Francisco for the tourist attractions like Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, in addition to Alcatraz Island! For local people that have been in San Francisco for all of their life, there are a lot more amazing places to visit. There is a place in San Francisco where the water is surprisingly clear in addition to the sharks like to gather. In the day before the sunlight rises, my buddies in addition to I like going to the beach to fish for sharks. Our favorite place in San Francisco is about 40 minutes from our home, however none of us mind getting up early so we can get there for the most excellent fishing of the day. We typically pack up a few pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes in addition to make our way to the beach for the day. There are definitely times when we get lucky in addition to catch something great. Of course, most of the time we just have a good amount of fun. I have seen some monster great whites in the water, but I would not want to hook a single of them on my fishing line. That would be the ultimate fight of my life.

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