We hit dispensaries on our way back home from Niagara Falls

When I was a kid, I remember fondly a video we watched in science class about Niagara Falls.

The idea of 700,000 gallons of water passing through those falls every second was mind blowing.

The sheer scale of those falls seemed great, even from my chair at the back of the classroom. There are three different falls in the Niagara gorge that constitute this world-renowned natural attraction. Even though I grew up and live in Toronto on the opposite end of Lake Ontario, the southward drive down the Ontario 403 Express through Hamilton before heading east to the city of Niagara Falls is long for a weekend trip. If the traffic is good, I can usually get there in under two hours and that will give me plenty of time to enjoy the area before I have to leave and head back toward Toronto. My friend and I decided to take a trip down to Niagara Falls again, but this time we weren’t really going because of the scenery. Instead, we wanted an excuse to stop at all of the cannabis dispensaries on the way there. Before we reached Oakville, we stopped at one of the highest rated cannabis dispensaries in Ontario located in Mississauga. The building wasn’t far from Centennial Park off the Ontario 401 Express. We grabbed vaporizer cartridges with liquified live rosin inside, which is the pinnacle of all cannabis concentrates in my opinion. The live rosin is both high in THC and in terpenes. We had a wonderful day at Niagara Falls with our live rosin cartridges in our pockets. Next week I’m going to do the same thing before visiting the Toronto Botanical Garden.
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I went to the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce after a bad HVAC supplier experience

Before moving to New Mexico, I lived in the northeast for a number of years in an old steel milling town.

  • It was hard living with few job prospects and lots of generational poverty.

There were scam artists operating as building contractors and they would target some of the most desperate and vulnerable people around. Thankfully I met the woman of my dreams while she was in town temporarily visiting her grandparents. We dated long distance for a year before I decided to leave this depressing steel mill town and join my girlfriend in lovely Albuquerque, New Mexico. To be honest, I used to dream about one day leaving this place behind and moving to the southwest where there are deserts and mountains for as far as the eye can see. But I didn’t expect to land in a city with such a rich cultural heritage as Albuquerque, with its dozens of Native American tribes and pueblos in and around the desert city. There are a lot of businesses here as well, particularly at the exits along Interstate 25 and Interstate 40. You still need to be careful if you’re hiring someone like a building contractor regardless of the city in which you reside. I hired a particular HVAC supplier that I found at a random Interstate 40 exit without doing proper vetting on the internet. My experience was so terrible that I went to the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce with my complaint. It turns out I’m not the first resident of Albuquerque to complain about this particular HVAC company.

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A trip to California-north or south?

I am planning a trip with my fiance.

I looked all over the place within the United States that we could go.

I settled on California and now I am struggling on where to go exactly. California is such a big state. Do I want to go north or south? I could go north and fly into San Francisco and then travel a bit south to Carmel by the Sea and Big Sur. I also could fly into Los Angeles and be in southern California and enjoy Tarzana and Santa Barbara. I am leaning towards the south I think. My fiance and I are flying in during the winter months and it should be warmer there. I also think the southern portion offers what we want. I can see the bustling city of Los Angeles, the tourist sites of San Diego and also enjoy parks, fun and relaxing times in Tarzana. I know I want to base a few days in Tarzana because there are fun restaurants, bars and it is outside of the city. It makes it a little cheaper and is a good bouncing off point. From the airport to Tarzana is only 40 minutes. I can drive two hours to get to San Diego or go the other direction to Santa Barbara. I hate changing hotels on a trip. I might only need to a few times if I make my main base camp Tarzana. Another pro to this area is I did find some really great cannabis dispensaries nearby. It could make it a fun day to walk around Tarzana and use recreational weed.

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Christmas in St. Petersburg doesn't feel right

It hit me suddenly that we would not have any snow on Christmas Day

My boyfriend and I moved to Florida, because he was stationed there for the military. I certainly didn’t want to move to Florida. I knew it was going to be extremely hot and humid. Some friends of mine move to Florida after high school and they always complain about the Heat and the temperatures. When my boyfriend said we were moving to St Petersburg, I was less than enthusiastic about the plan. I thought about ditching my boyfriend completely, but he was just too cute. My guy promised that I wouldn’t be hot or uncomfortable during summer, even if you had to purchase a second or third air conditioner to put in our home. I honestly thought the summer season would be my worst problem in St Petersburg, but Christmas doesn’t feel right at all. Winter doesn’t seem the same without snow and cold weather. I was getting ready for Christmas and I put on a pair of shorts and a tank top to go shopping. It hit me suddenly that we would not have any snow on Christmas Day. As soon as my boyfriend finished both of his years in the Tampa Bay location, we immediately left and went back to our home state of Connecticut. I certainly enjoyed being able to explore all of the Gulf Coast and all of the wonderful places that Tampa Bay can offer, but I jumped at the chance to go back home. I prefer cold weather during the winter months and Christmas and I equally prefer warm weather during the summer months.

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I got to see redwoods on our trip

My wife and I were only a couple of hours away from San Francisco, so my wife thought it would be fun to take a 2 day trip to the city.

I was nervous about leaving the kids home alone for two days, but it sounded like a great getaway for the two of us.

My wife and I spent one day in San Francisco, exploring all of the places that tourists like to visit. We went to the Bay Area Discovery Museum and to the Golden Gate view point. We walked across the bridge and all the way to Marshall’s Beach. We even visited a recreational marijuana dispensary. The next day, my wife and I decided to drive an hour outside of San Francisco so we could visit Duxbury reef and Stinson Beach. Duxbury Reef and Stinson Beach is at the south end of Point Raise National Seashore. The reef was amazing to see at low tide. We sat in a small crevice and smoked a marijuana joint. It was still early and I could see the marijuana smoke in the air. We were alone, except for a few pelicans and seabirds. My wife and I almost got trapped on the beach when the tide came in quicker than we expected. While we were near the beach, my wife and I decided to drive all the way up to Sam P. Taylor State Park. While we were there, we got to see redwood trees. It was the first time in my life that I have seen redwoods and it made me want to drive all the way to Sequoia National Forest. Unfortunately, that is at least a five or six hour drive from San Francisco and not at all viable for a one or two day trip.

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Famous actors from Albuquerque

I know that we aren’t exactly Hollywood, or New York, but Albuquerque has more than it’s fair share of stars that call it home.

One of my favorite writers and directors is a man named Mike Judge, who you probably know from either Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill, Silicon Valley, or Idiocracy.

For thirty years he has been a source of smart, funny, and insightful movies and shows. Did you know he was raised right here in Albuquerque, and so was the actor Freddy Prinze Jr, notably of the Scooby Doo movies. A big surprise to me was finding out that comic actor French Stewart was from ABQ because quite frankly I always thought he hailed from the Great White North of Canada. Tony award winning actor and show-stealing funnyman Neil Patrick Harris was born and raised here in Albuquerque, which to me is sort of a big deal because I consider him such a role model. If a talent like NPH can spring from Albuquerque, who knows what other amazing talents are waiting to be found? One of the favorite sons of Albuquerque is someone you may not be familiar with, a man named Edmund Cobb. He was a western actor from 1912 to the mid 1960s, and in that time he starred in over 600 movies! 600 is pretty amazing for anyone, so I’m surprised his name isn’t more famous. I only learned about him recently, from my friend at the cannabis dispensary. I visit him once a week or so, and he always has great weed and interesting trivia about ABQ.

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A terrifying trip to the Seattle Space Needle

One of my first memories as a child was visiting the Seattle Space Needle.

I do not remember any other part of the trip, nor a single thing about the city, but with horrific precision I can recall the feeling of terror I got by peering over the edge and seeing how high up I was.

To this day I credit the Seattle Space Needle for giving me a permanent fear of heights. That memory kept me from going back to Seattle for over thirty years, until just recently when I went there for work to help open a new cannabis dispensary. I work for a national chain of cannabis distribution centers, and finally we are getting into the business of running our own dispensaries. As anyone in the business can tell you, Seattle Washington is one of the top spots for high end cannabis in the world, both in terms of sales and products. In other words, any cannabis dispensary that is any good is going to have a prime location in Seattle. If you are a major casino, you will be in Las Vegas, and if you are a movie studio you will be in Hollywood, well the same is true with cannabis and Seattle. I will be in the city for the next two months, making sure that our dispensary is up to the high standards of other Seattle businesses. Who knows, while I am here I might even try to see the Seattle Space Needle again, although I kind of doubt it. What other local sights should I see?

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The Denver football team isn't that good anymore

When I was a kid, the best football team in the world was the Denver Broncos.

My parents were large fans of the football team.

Even though our family did not have a huge amount of currency, Seasons tickets were always purchased to see the Denver Broncos play. My dad and addition to my mom took my brother in addition to myself when you’re so we could see a football game. It was a more than three hour drive to the city of Denver, but my brother in addition to myself were happy the entire way. It was a single of the only times that all of us remember having lots of quality time with our parents. They told us about the football game and told us about the football heroes. My family in addition to myself spent all of our day in Denver even when the game was over. The Denver Broncos won the football game in a large blowout fashion. My dad in addition to Mom took us to a steak place and we had a cold beer. After 25 years, the two of us still can’t stop thinking about that Denver game. It was easily a single of the greatest memories from my time as a child. I often suppose about taking children of my own to the game, but football season is seriously cold and there is no heat. I’d rather watch the game from the Heat of my own comfortable home where the beers are cheap and the food is delicious. I would much rather watch the Denver game from the comfort of my living room.
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Daytime and early temps are colder always

The weather in Denver can be unusual.

Denver enjoys moderate warm seasons in addition to cold Winters with very little humidity.

The problem is really due to the intense altitude. There isn’t really much precipitation in the city of Denver either, although more than two people think the section has snow all year. Denver has comfortable weather throughout relatively most of the Year. Denver is really one perfect place for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, in addition to backpacking. My friends in addition to myself care about being outdoors. The people I was with an addition to myself often go camping. We went a couple of weeks previously when it was the middle of spring. My friends in addition to myself were concerned about temperatures overnight, but we were supposed to have clear weather with very little clouds. My friends in addition to myself found a venue for Camp when the sunshine started to set. When the sunshine went down, it began to get colder and the two of us needed to make a fire. We could not let the fire burn through the night because this is exactly what happens when millions of Acres of forest are destroyed in a fire. Without having any fire or heat, the two of us shivered most of the night and we’re ready to get home. During the day it was 60, but overnight the both of us would have preferred some type of heating Contraption to help us stay warm. Next time we will be more prepared with extra clothing and a heater.

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I don't want to pay more money for the place

My associate in addition to myself live in a place with multiple family rooms.

It is multiple miles from my job however the two of us can get there actually entirely using the subway station. My roomie were close to our apartment. He is a budtender at a marijuana dispensary. Legal weed is a very good reason to dwell in Denver, Colorado. It wasn’t my specific reason for moving to the area, as both of us have lived in the state for a long time. Renting a place in Denver is a seriously hyphy. My associate plus myself pay $2,500 for a more than one family room apartment. The home Community has a minute he prefers a sauna, swimming pool, fitness center, and Game Room. My friends and I enjoyed all of the activities. Last month the Home Building owner updated the heating, ventilation in addition to the AC component. My roommate in addition to myself were inconvenienced most of the day, but the new heating, ventilation and addition to AC equipment is now installed. It actually works better and now the odors inside of our home are cleaner in addition to fresher. Yesterday I found a note on the apartment door and it was from the home manager. My roommate in addition to myself will have to pay higher rental rates when we renew the lease and next month. The venue is going to charge more currency due to the updated heating, ventilation in addition to the AC component. I don’t want to move out.

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