Hiking in Denver is a great way to spend a spring day

Many of the hiking areas do not have a lot of shade and it’s important to consume plenty of water even on a cool day.

My friends and I have lived in Denver for a very long time, and we enjoy several outdoor activities that can only be found in a place where you have huge mountain peaks. My friends and I enjoy rock climbing, rappelling, and hiking. There are more than 50 different mountain peaks above 14,000 ft just in the state of Colorado. This is easily the largest amount of high peaks in any state other than Alaska. About an hour away from Denver, there are some very spectacular and breathtaking hikes. Some of them require quite a bit of planning. These hikes are in some dangerous and treacherous terrain and must be taken seriously. Hiking is a great way to spend a spring day, when the temperatures outside are cool and brick. The worst time to go hiking is during the summer. Most people don’t realize that Denver has a very hot summer season. The average summer temperatures are around 90 degrees. Even at 10,000 ft above sea level, it’s still very warm and sunny. Many of the hiking areas do not have a lot of shade and it’s important to consume plenty of water even on a cool day. One we start moving around, our body core temperature goes up quickly. My friends and I prefer to hike smaller trails closer to the city when it’s warm or humid outside. It’s important to be safe when doing these dangerous activities. Too many inexperienced people try to climb to the top and they end up with heat stroke or exhaustion.
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Arriving in Denver was a shock to the system

I had a work conference in Denver last week, and I knew the weather was going to be cold and icy. I hate the fact that my boss scheduled a conference in Denver during the middle of February. My flight was delayed by two hours, because there were no flights into Denver. The day that I flew to the location, it was snowing very heavily outside. I packed plenty of warm clothing like hats, gloves, a scarf, and three different jackets. When I finally arrived in Denver, I was several hours late and I had to find a taxi to take me to the hotel. I had a car scheduled to pick me up at the Denver Airport, but the delayed flight caused problems and I had to find a taxi. As soon as I stepped outside of the airport, I was shocked by the cold and icy weather. I expected it to be cold, but I was chilled right to the core in a couple of minutes. I had to unpack my suitcase and grab an extra sweatshirt. I thought I was going to freeze to death outside the Denver Airport, while I waited for the taxi to arrive. As soon as I got to the hotel, I checked into my room and turned on the heat. I had to thaw out my fingers and toes. I sat in front of the heater for several minutes. Denver has a lot of attractions and culture, and I would have loved to visit some places while I was there last week. Unfortunately, it was so cold and icy that I didn’t want to go anywhere after the sun went down.


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Going to the zoo is particularly fun during the spring and fall months

The Denver Zoo is one of my favorite places to take the kids.

There are a lot of fun activities in Denver, but the zoo is a great place to spend the day. The zoo has been open for more than 100 years. It has more than 80 acres of land. The Denver Zoo has several different exhibits including primates, monkeys, big cats, birds, and elephants. Going to the zoo is particularly fun during the spring and fall months. The weather in Denver is very unique, because of the location of the city. The spring and fall seasons are particularly nice for outdoor activities like going to the zoo or the park. Winter in Denver can be very cold and frigid and it is absolutely necessary to bundle up and stay indoors where it is warm. The spring and fall months are very cool and comfortable and there is very little precipitation. A few weeks ago, the weather was perfect for a day at the zoo. I packed up the picnic basket with some peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches, grapes, carrots sticks, potato chips, and juice boxes. The kids and I took our Denver Zoo passes and headed into the city to visit our favorite animals. We spent all day at the zoo, because the weather was absolutely perfect. There were a couple of clouds and the sky but the sun was shining all day. I grew up with a father in the army and I’ve lived all over the world. Still, the mile high city is a wonderful place to live and I wouldn’t want to raise my children anywhere else in the country.

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Denver winter weather is a cold and wet one

The winter weather in Denver is downright cold and frigid.

  • Average snow days range from four to six days each week.

My family and I live on the outskirts of Denver and the winter storms can be brutal. We often experience blizzard conditions like heavy wind gusts and extreme amounts of snow. The altitude in Denver is one mile above sea level, and much higher than other major cities in the country. It’s one of the reasons for our unique climate and heavy winter accumulation. When the weather turns colder, I give the furnace a thorough cleaning and examination. Denver is one of the coldest cities during winter, and you cannot live comfortably without a furnace, boiler, or fireplace. The gas furnace gets a routine cleaning and inspection by a local professional. The winter temperatures aren’t an issue with a good heating source. I’ve lived here for 40 years and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. The city is filled with fun and exciting activities, bars, restaurants, and parks. When the weather isn’t snowy and cold, I take the kids to the city to enjoy some of the outdoor attractions that are absolutely free of charge. Red rocks is a nice place to have a picnic and go hiking and if we want to stay indoors we go to the children’s museum. With three children, I have to think about money and budget for the day. One activity can cost two hundred dollars by the time we pay for parking, the activity, and lunch or dinner. It’s nice that Denver offers some family fun activities that don’t cost a dime.

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We’re going to Denver to go skiing for my birthday

This winter, I turn 21 years old and I want to spend the whole weekend celebrating.

I am the last of my friends to turn 21 and everyone is excited.

We have major plans to rock the weekend. My friends and I are going to Denver to go skiing at Echo Mountain. We live in Colorado, but about three hours from Denver. Denver is one of my favorite places to visit because there is so much to see and do. I knew I wanted to spend the weekend in Denver, but it was my boyfriend’s idea to go to a ski lodge. There are several Denver ski resorts like Echo Mountain, Keystone, and Winter park. We picked Echo Mountain because of the snow tubing. Snow tubing is a fun activity in Denver and a really exciting way to spend a few hours. Snow tubing isn’t as much hard work as skiing and it does not require as much physical exertion. You Grab a large inner tube and take a ride up the mountain. At the top, you climb into the inner tube and ride it all the way down the hill, hitting several large bumps on the way. You can move very quickly in the tube and some riders experience speeds of 50 or 60 miles per hour. This activity is easily my favorite thing to do during the winter months. I’m so glad my boyfriends suggested skiing and snow tubing. I’m extremely excited to spend my birthday weekend in Denver and my January weekend cannot get here fast enough.

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I can't stand the cold weather, so my heat was a top priority

I don’t prefer the cold weather in Denver, Colorado, but I still decided to take a job in the mile high city.

I had a couple of places to choose from, but Denver seemed like the most interesting city.

I know the temperature during the winter months would be cold and frigid, so I chose an apartment with a gas furnace and radiant heated flooring. It was my top priority when choosing a place to live. I looked at several apartments with forced air heating, but I had my eye on a place with radiant heated floors throughout. This apartment was $300 more each month, but I knew the radiant heated flooring would keep me warm during December, July, and February. The first winter season was even colder than I imagined. I didn’t like going outside unless I was wearing a jacket, hat, gloves, and winter boots. I lasted approximately 3 years in Denver, and then I begged my boss to find me a position somewhere down south. I didn’t think the cold weather, ice, and snow would affect my health in a negative way, but every winter season I was experiencing physical problems like dry skin and hair, nosebleeds, and a sore throat. When I had the chance to move somewhere new, I jumped on the opportunity even though it was moving to Memphis. The differences between the two cities are like night and day. Sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice. This state is entirely too red and too conservative for a liberal hippie like me.

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After the divorce, I moved back home to Colorado

My family was happy to see me return and I missed the Denver weather

When I was in the military, I met my wife. She was also in the military and we were stationed at the same base for two years. I didn’t plan on beginning a relationship with someone else in the armed services, but Kathy was very kind and sweet and it was easy to fall in love. I always pictured myself going back home to Colorado after I was done in the military. I grew up in Denver and I planned to raise a family there. Kathy and I dated for 18 months and then I decided to end my time with the army. Kathy wanted to stay for two more years, so we decided to go to her next deployment together. We got married at the courthouse with two friends there to witness. Everything moved very quickly and we were off to a foreign country in less than two weeks after the decision was made. While we were overseas, Kathy had our first daughter. We had another child while we were there and then another when we came back from the states. Unfortunately, after three children our relationship was very strained and we never had any time together. We got a divorce about six months later and then I decided it was time to move back to Denver. My family was happy to see me return and I missed the Denver weather. I have custody of all three children. My wife didn’t want to give up her career in the army, so she chose to give me full custody of the kids. She travels to Denver once or twice during the year to spend time with them.

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I wasn't going to miss the game for the AC

My brothers and I have been fans of the Colorado Rapids since the team was established in the 1990s.

The Colorado Rapids are a professional soccer team located in Denver.

I remember when there were no professional soccer teams in the country and now there is an entire professional League. I grew up in Denver and so did all of my family members. When Denver got the Rapids, my brothers and I became die-hard fans. We went to every single game, including some of the games that were played in other states. About five years ago, my brothers and I had tickets to a playoff game. The game was held at the stadium in Denver and my brothers and I weren’t going to miss the game. When I came home from work to get ready from the game, the AC was blowing warm air out of the ductwork. I expected to run into a snag or two before going to the game, but I certainly didn’t expect problems with the AC. I thought about skipping the game, but only for a brief moment. I decided to wait until later that day to worry about the AC issues. I turned off the machine and I continue to get ready for the game. When I came home from the soccer match later that night, I reported the problem to the apartment building supervisor. The guy wasn’t very happy that he had to get up in the middle of the night to help, but I told the maintenance technician that I worked all day and had just arrived home at midnight.

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I was afraid of the cold winter weather in Denver, so I hesitated picking Colorado

Taxi and Uber drivers are easy to find in a minute or two

The coldest month in Denver, Colorado is easily the month of January. The average temperatures are around 15 degrees at night. The city has more days that are filled with sun then clouds, and this is due to the climate and low humidity. Winters are commonly cold and begin sometime during the month of October. The first signs that winter is beginning can even begin in September. During the winter months, there is a great deal of snowfall. When the days become shorter due to Daylight Savings Time, the temperatures start to drop significantly. The cold winter weather in Denver is one of the reasons why I did not want to move to Colorado. When my boss offered me a promotion at work, I had to choose a new location and Denver was one of the five cities listed. My options were Denver, Tampa, Memphis, Boston, or Los Angeles. Denver was the highest-paying option, but I was concerned about the winter weather. When I finally decided to take the job, one of the most important things on my list was finding a rental place with an exceptional heating system. After moving to the area, I picked a rental house close to work and in a very nice neighborhood close to my job. I don’t have to drive to work during the winter days, so that makes me very happy. Taxi and Uber drivers are easy to find in a minute or two. The house has a fireplace, gas furnace, and double pane windows to block out the cold air. I am very warm and cozy inside my house.


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The winter weather in Denver requires an efficient heating source

I was happy that my wife was offered a really nice job with great pay, benefits, and a union.

The winter weather in Denver requires an efficient heating source, especially if you live in the mountainous regions. Denver, Colorado is known as the mile high city because it sits at one mile above sea level. The air is thinner and it can be difficult to breathe when its; very cold outside. The winter weather causes a number of problems for me. I have lived here for five years. The cold air is a lot to encounter the first time. I don’t know if it is the altitude or the climate, but the winter air seems to pierce through the skin quickly. The wind rips through my body and I can feel the cold air all over. I never wanted to live in Dener, but my wife got a job working for the football team. The Denver Broncos organization hired my wife to work in the training room with the players. My wife is a sports injury therapist and she is very well known for her wonderful healing methods. We spent ten years in Miami before my wife dropped the bomb on our family. The kids were excited to finally see snow for the first time in their lives. I was happy that my wife was offered a really nice job with great pay, benefits, and a union. Still, the first time we landed in Denver, I knew the climate was going to be a problem. It was 47 degrees on that warm summer morning. I wanted to turn on the heater in June. It sure was a shock to my system after living in the tropics for 10 years.


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