I don’t think I will leave Sioux Falls anytime soon

When I moved back in the early 2000s, the Sioux Falls population was now well over 120,000, and has grown even faster since that point

I think it is rather humorous that before I was born my parents left Sioux Falls to start a new life someplace smaller and more remote. 20 years later I left home and moved back to Sioux Falls, to start a new life of my own. Every generation needs something to rebel against, I suppose. The funny part about all this is how much smaller the city was back then. Really Sioux Falls was more of a small town at that point, with a lot of growing left to do. By the time I moved in and settled down, this was one of the fast-growing cities in all of South Dakota, and keeps getting bigger every year. Think about how much growth I am talking about here – in the 1980s, when I was a kid, Sioux Falls had about 80,000 residents. That was when my parents throught it was getting too big. When I moved back in the early 2000s, the Sioux Falls population was now well over 120,000, and has grown even faster since that point. Because I work as a certified HVAC tech with a speciality in new construction, the continued growth of Sioux Falls has made me a very happy man. I have incredible job security here, and since I subcontract for people throughout the Sioux Falls area, I can set my own price! I understand why my parents left all those years ago, because they are quiet, reserved people, but since I like making money, I think I’ll be in Sioux Falls for a long time to come.

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The St. Pete’s company expertly installed a new gas heater

During the winter months, I like to have a nice heating system in my home. I have a really nice summer home in St. Petersburg. My friends and I refer to the area in Florida as St. Pete’s. My house in St. Pete’s has four bedrooms and two bathrooms and it is right on the water. I spend the entire winter there and during those months, sometimes there is a couple of weeks of cold weather. I have a gas heater in my home. Many people around me have a heat pump, but I had a gas heater for two very important reasons. Gas heating doesn’t cost as much as electricity and gas can very easily heat my pool. When I had a brand new gas heater installed, I made sure to hire a company that could also set up heating for the inground pool. The same gas heater that heats our home also heats the in-ground pool. We have a cost-efficient and energy saving system that doesn’t cost a fortune. The company from St. Pete’s had skilled and expert craftsmen that knew exactly how to set up the pool heating system and the entire installation job was done in one single day. A crew of four service technicians came to my home from the business and installed all of the heating equipment in less than 8 hours. I’m going to use the same company to install the new air conditioning system in the guest house. The company did such a great job with the heating system installation that I even recommended them to a couple of my coworkers.


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I love here in Springfield

Of course it took money to fuel such a lifestyle, which is how I got involved in doing HVAC work for a local contractor

Once a week, every week, my Dad would take me into Springfield, MO. This was roughly an hour’s drive from where we lived. My family owned some land, which didn’t mean we were wealthy, just that we lived pretty far away from civilization. Aside from a gas station and a bait stand, there were no businesses within miles of my home. Throughout the week we kept a running list of all food and supplies we needed for the house, and then come the weekend we jumped in the pickup truck and made the drive to Springfield. Over twenty years have passed since then, and currently I call Springfield my home. Being on such a remote piece of land took its toll on me, so when I turned 18 I moved to Springfield because it was the closest real town. For the first time in my life I got to cut loose, party, and make friends, because Springfield had everything I ever wanted. Of course it took money to fuel such a lifestyle, which is how I got involved in doing HVAC work for a local contractor. There was such a high demand for HVAC work in Springfield that this guy was paying top dollar just for a trainee. I showed up on time, I worked hard, and I got paid excellent money, all while learning a skilled trade with HVAC service and repair. I love my job, to be sure, but I didn’t move to Springfield just for work, I came here to live a big, bold life – and that’s just what I am doing.

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Finding a new life in Evansville

Most of my childhood was spent in the farming country of southern Indiana.

It was a simple life, filled with farm chores and school work.

I was one of eight siblings, and to this day I am still convinced my parents only had kids so they wouldn’t need to hire field hands. All the siblings got worked daily, that was just how we lived. During the summer break from school, and in between planting seasons, my parents sent me to Evansville to spend a week or two with my aunt and uncle. My Uncle Mike was a cop in Evansville, and in the past he and I had discussed me following in his footsteps. Truth be told I didn’t really want to be a cop, I was interested in learning HVAC repair, but I still found it preferable to a life on the farm. Any job I could get in Evansville would be a step in the right direction, but since Uncle Mike was a cop, I started with that. First of all, all cops face too much danger – even the cops in Evansville – and I’m not a dangerous kind of guy. Also, HVAC techs can make a whole lot more than cops, and with the way the housing market is expanding in the Evansville area, I know that I will have terrific job security. I signed up for some night classes at the Evansville learning annex, and hopefully I can earn my AA degree quickly, then decide what I want to do next. I have no idea what the future holds for me.

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I moved to Lee’s Summit to study HVAC

Where you live in Missouri influences how you think about the city of Lee’s Summit.

I know there are some folks in the bigger cities that have their own opinions, but where I was raised out in the remote farm land, it seemed like a beacon of hope for the future.

You see, I was born and raised on a farm. Literally speaking I was born there, in the barn, and not as a hospital. This gives you an idea of my family. When I got old enough for high school my folks encouraged me to drop out and become a field hand. That was when I decided to move to Lee’s Summit as soon as I could, so I would have a chance at leading a normal life. Maybe if you like in New York or LA it doesnt seem like a big city, but to a kid like me Lee’s Summit had everything I needed in the world. There were jobs, and more importantly there was a good education system. Beyond a highly-rated school district for children, Lee’s Summit has a tremendous amount of educational resources for adults, as well. There are several excellent learning annexes, community colleges, and private centers around Lee’s Summit. One of these places is where I studied to earn my HVAC certification. The HVAC training program was taught by a prominent member the Lee’s Summit City Council, who also ran his own construction company. By the end of the first semester I was already working in Lee’s Summit, getting hands-on experience while I finished my education.

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The city can be fun at night

The city of Jacksonville can be a very fun place to go at night.

My friends and I live on the west side and there really isn’t anything safe to do on this side of town.

When we want to have fun and go someplace with a lot of people, we usually go to downtown Jacksonville. We walk along the St Johns River and hang out at the beach. There’s lots of places to go kayaking, boating, or fishing. Kingsley Plantation can be a lot of fun too and it has a historic Visitor Center with lots of information. My friends and I went to Jacksonville the other night and we hung out at a club. We got back to our apartment around 2:00 in the morning. It was dark outside and warm inside of our apartment. The air conditioner had been off for a while and there was water in front of the closet where the machine is held. Usually when this type of problem occurs it is due to problems with the air conditioner or the evaporator coils. I opened up the machine and the evaporator coils were frozen. I put a couple of towels on the floor to get the water and I waited until the evaporator coils were thawed out. That still didn’t fix the problem, so I ended up contacting the maintenance company so they could call a Jacksonville AC repair service to help. The next day a service professional came to help and fixed the problem in about thirty minutes.

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Birmingham is very warm during the summer months

The temperatures in Birmingham, Alabama are very warm and humid during the summer months.

It is absolutely important to have a well-designed and energy efficient air conditioning symptom to keep cold air inside of your home and warm air and moisture outside. Birmingham during June and July can be 90° and there is risk of sudden and severe thunderstorms every afternoon. There is also a risk of Summer tropical storm activity and hurricanes. Most of the time Birmingham doesn’t get hit very hard, but every once in a while there is a storm that makes it past the coast and hits us head on. Last year we had a storm like this and the power was out for two days. My family and I did not have any air conditioning while the storm had the power out. It’s absolutely miserable to go without air conditioning during the summer months and it can be detrimental to the health of your home. The indoor air conditions can suffer when the temperatures are warm and there is excess moisture and condensation. We had a generator, but we could not get the machine to start. The generator was at least 10 years old and it has been a very long time since we used it. We are prepared this year with a brand new generator. It can run the refrigerator, deep freezer, air conditioner, and several other outlets throughout the house. We’re prepared for the first time in a while, so I’m assuming we won’t have any problems at all.

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Building my new life in South Bend

My hometown is famous in certain circles.

If you are a fan of college sports, and basketball in particular, you are no doubt familiar with the name.

I never was a fan of sports, however, so South Bend, IN meant something different to me. I grew up in the boondocks of southern Indiana, so far out that we didn’t even have TV or phones. This was 25 years ago, long before the advent of cell phones or satellite TV. I never watched sports because I never watched TV at all! My only exposure to the outside world, beyond grade school, were the monthly trips I would take to South Bend with my parents. Although there were a few stores nearby, South Bend was the closest place with the big-box stores where they wanted to shop. It wasn’t until after I moved to South Bend that I learned about the rich history of Notre Dame, both in terms of sports and being a cultural powerhouse for a century! On the advice of my mother, I looked into taking night classes in HVAC repair at the local South Bend learning annex. Although South Bend is well known for higher education, they have a host of learning resources for those of us who aren’t university material. The South Bend learning annex was a godsend for me, and allowed me to take my HVAC certification classes online.Once I had my certification it was easy for me to get a job with one of the many local contractors in South Bend, and the rest, as they say, is history.


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An education in HVAC in Tuscaloosa

I was not at the level for one of the accredited 4-year universities in Tuscaloosa, however, I just needed a good night school program to earn my HVAC certification.

I know to most people Tuscaloosa isn’t exactly a cultural beacon, but you might be surprised what they have to offer. In this part of the country times are tough, and times have been tough for a few decades. Compared to a lot of dirt-farmers and hobos in the outlying areas, Tuscaloosa has a lot to offer. When I was in high school, I could hardly wait to leave town for good, and I had my sights set on Tuscaloosa, AL. To me it was New York, LA, and Houston all rolled into one. I wasn’t going without a plan, either. By the time I moved, I had already enrolled in HVAC certification classes at one of the Tuscaloosa city colleges. Even for a rudimentary education I needed to upgrade my surroundings, and from the very beginning I found Tuscaloosa to be a welcoming place. Of course this is one of the best cities in Alabama for an education, everyone knows that Tuscaloosa has several reputable schools and universities. I was not at the level for one of the accredited 4-year universities in Tuscaloosa, however, I just needed a good night school program to earn my HVAC certification. I was in a class with about 15 other students, and our instructor was a Tuscaloosa native named Ed. Ed gave us all a clear picture of what HVAC work was like, and how it would be to work in a hot and humid city like Tuscaloosa. I like Ed, and hopefully after I get my HVAC certificate he can help me find a good job in Tuscaloosa.

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Everything’s bigger in Plano, Texas

Everything’s bigger in Plano, Texas, including our HVAC systems. When northerners think about Texas, they only think of open deserts and high temps. The truth is that the climate of this part of the country is tumultuous, and requires a lot of preparation. In Plano we might get a blazing hot summer followed by an icy cold winter, you never know what you’re going to get. That is precisely the reason I settled down in Plano when I was ready to start my own HVAC repair business. I knew that the people of Plano needed reliable service for their furnaces, air conditioners, as well as new gadgets like heat pumps and solar panels. Just like the rest of Texas, the people of Plano don’t like to settle for second best, so I was there to deliver top flight service and HVAC equipment. Even more importantly, the city of Plano keeps growing every year, which means demand for my services also keeps growing. Did you know that when Plano was first established there were fewer than 200 residents? It has been growing constantly ever since then, and now we have well over 250,000 people who reside in the Plano area. This trend is not changing, which means that very soon I will need to hire new HVAC techs to handle the increased demand. Anyone reading this who has their HVAC certification, take a word of friendly advice – move to Plano, Texas, you can build an amazing career here. I know I did. I can’t imagine living anywhere other than Plano.


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