Author: Phillip

A trip to California-north or south?

I am planning a trip with my fiance. I looked all over the place within the United States that we could go. I settled on California and now I am struggling on where to go exactly. California is such a big state. Do I want to go north or south? I could go north and […]

I got to see redwoods on our trip

My wife and I were only a couple of hours away from San Francisco, so my wife thought it would be fun to take a 2 day trip to the city. I was nervous about leaving the kids home alone for two days, but it sounded like a great getaway for the two of us. […]

Famous actors from Albuquerque

I know that we aren’t exactly Hollywood, or New York, but Albuquerque has more than it’s fair share of stars that call it home. One of my favorite writers and directors is a man named Mike Judge, who you probably know from either Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill, Silicon Valley, or Idiocracy. For […]

Daytime and early temps are colder always

The weather in Denver can be unusual. Denver enjoys moderate warm seasons in addition to cold Winters with very little humidity. The problem is really due to the intense altitude. There isn’t really much precipitation in the city of Denver either, although more than two people think the section has snow all year. Denver has […]

I don't want to pay more money for the place

My associate in addition to myself live in a place with multiple family rooms. It is multiple miles from my job however the two of us can get there actually entirely using the subway station. My roomie were close to our apartment. He is a budtender at a marijuana dispensary. Legal weed is a very […]