Author: Phillip

My first time in Santa Barbara

All through high school, I made plans to travel the country after graduation. I intended to take a gap year before college, but I did not want to go to Europe. I’d never been able to see the country and its fantastic sights. So, I set a goal to see if I wanted to go […]

The first day in Evansville, Indiana

We had not had a family vacation in a long time. When the pandemic hit, we had to cancel all our plans. It was too risky to travel even within the country. Everyone was self-isolating, just trying to stay safe. After a year, we finally had a chance to do a local visit but weren’t […]

We were relocated to Spokane, Washington

None of us knew how to survive in the snow and ice My husband is in the Air Force, and recently they relocated him. He took off for our new home while I packed up the house and transferred the kids’ school records to their new school. My young son was in second grade and […]

Albuquerque is a great place to move my family

For the last three generations, my family has lived in New Mexico. It’s a beautiful state with red and orange mountains. New Mexico has some of the most beautiful landscapes and scenery in the midwest. I grew up in a small village about 100 miles south of the state capital, Albuquerque. I lived there for […]

Tampa Bay has a great hockey team this year

Most people don’t know this, but Tampa Bay has an ice hockey team called the lightning. Tampa Bay probably isn’t the first place that most people think of, when they think about ice hockey. Still, Tampa Bay has the Lightning and a huge fan base. I love the team and I wasn’t a fan of […]