Visiting the bay area with the kids

We often take the kids to fun places for the day.

We live just outside of San Francisco.

This location is really advantageous. We have access to all sorts of entertainment that is family friendly. We can go to the zoo and see the endangered and exotic animals. We can go to Chinatown and check out the good food. There is Fisherman’s Wharf and the beach. The kids are always excited when we suggest driving to San Francisco for the day. The cost of living there is quite high. It is nice for us to occasionally splurge. Sometimes we will book a hotel for the night. The kids like it when we get a hotel with a swimming pool. We can count on beautiful weather in San Francisco, CA. The temperature doesn’t vary much despite the time of year. We don’t need to worry about snow, extreme cold, high winds, humidity or high heat. Now and then we get a bit of rain. I would love to live right in the heart of San Francisco but we can’t afford it. Plus, the traffic can be really awful. It can take forever just to drive a few blocks. I wouldn’t want to deal with the commute. We like living in a more rural area. We get the best of both worlds. Our kids go to a very good school where we are and they get a bigger yard to play in. The accommodations we’d end up with in the city would be cramped. .

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