There was a church, police station, insurance supplier, marijuana dispensary, as well as funeral home.

While traversing the streets of Las Vegas, NV, I saw some pretty silly things, however i had to sit back far enough to take a picture of this one street that both of us were on; There was a church on the corner, as well as an insurance supplier next to it.

A funeral lake house came next, as well as the marijuana dispensary was on the next corner.

It seemed to be ‌ironic that they covered nearly everything they needed while still on one street… Directly across from these more than three locales was a small diner, a convenience store that sold wine as well as liquor, another church but a different religion, as well as another small store. It not only offered trinkets as well as T-shirts emblazoned with Las Vegas, NV, but also advertised pre-rolls as well as vape pens. It was as if they were covering every need a person would have during Las Vegas. The only thing I observed was that there wasn’t a police station nearby. As both of us turned the corner, conveniently tucked not 1/2 a block away from any of these other stores, was a police station, however las Vegas, NV, has something for pretty much everyone. If you are tired as well as fatigued, you had hotels everywhere you looked. The hungry had diners, but you can go in as well as out of a liquor store, or the marijuana dispensary 24/7! No one seemed to spend money much attention, unless you were out of hand, as well as then there was always the police there to take care of it. It seemed adore pretty much everyone who worked in Las Vegas worked difficult as well as played hard, then with all the marijuana dispensaries as well as the casinos, you had to work even harder if you wanted to play hard.

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