The HVAC contractor was someone I went to high school with

I went to school in Kansas city, but I grew up on the west coast. I got a scholarship to attend Kansas City for soccer. That’s how I ended up in the area. After that, I stayed in Kansas City and got a job working for the government. I have a house in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Lee’s Summit is one of the suburbs outside of Kansas city. It is a nice place with cheap real estate and great schools. Lee’s Summit, Missouri, is the perfect place to raise a family. My husband and I have been thinking about starting a family, but right now we are dealing with the issues of home ownership. That seems to take up all of our time. The last time there was a problem in the house, it was the heating and air conditioning system. I contacted an HVAC contractor in Lee’s summit. The residential and Commercial Heating and AC contractor in Lee’s summit, Missouri had great reviews on line. There really wasn’t a single negative thing that anyone had to say and that is quite rare. When the HVAC contractor arrived, I certainly did not expect to recognize the face of the person standing in front of me. It was in fact someone that I went to high school with. It had easily been 10 years since we had seen each other, but I recognized the guy right away. It was so weird and uncanny that the two of us ran into each other in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Neither one of us were actually from that city.


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