The cheese and beer festival was fun

Last weekend, there was a beer and cheese festival in Portland, oregon.

The festival had a huge spread of local breweries and artisanal cheese makers.

The breweries brought different types of craft beers and a lot of the places allowed you to sample the beers for free. Portland has a lot of different microbreweries and a lot of different styles and flavors of beers. The cheese makers had a lot of different items to sample as well. Most of the cheese companies were locally owned and operated. There were lots of different types of cheeses that were items like cheddar, swiss, parmesan, and american. A couple of places paired together the cheese and the beer. One place had beer and cheese fondue coming out of a fountain and I thought that was the best thing ever. The golden yellow beer cheese was bursting with flavor and absolutely delicious. I got a quart of that to take home with me at the end of the weekend. It was a really fun and neat experience. When I was in Portland for that beer and cheese festival, I had the opportunity to sample a couple of different edibles from local marijuana shops. The samples weren’t free, but most of the marijuana shops in Portland had reasonable prices on edibles, dried marijuana flower, vape pen accessories, and concentrate. A couple of places gave me a lot of awesome deals and $1 demos because it was my first time in the marijuana dispensary. When I was in Portland, I got a lot of great deals on marijuana, cheese, beer, and souvenirs for all of my friends and family.


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