Our spouses agreed to go sightseeing if every one of us could go to the Grand Canyon.

It was early afternoon when every one of us met the luxury car at a hotel in Phoenix, AZ, plus the temperature was already 85 degrees, my spouse plus I were excited to go on the Grand Canyon helicopter plus ground trip, then it cheerful us that the car they sent to take us to our first section of the tour was air-conditioned, but we were going to travel Route 66, plus every one of us had weird stops to see parts of historic Route 66, plus visit some of the shops located in those areas; Even before every one of us got into the helicopter, every one of us spent some time seeing the variations of going from cactus in the Sonoran Desert to tall pine trees in the Ponderosa Pine Forest, but the temperature was dropping, however every one of us were still enjoying the air conditioner of the luxury car every one of us were riding in, but once every one of us got to the helicopter, they provided us safety directions before every one of us could even get in.

The helicopter took us to the Rim of Grand Canyon.

They served us box lunches while on the trip plus bottled water was plentiful. The sights were amazing, plus soaring over the CO River, high above the Kaibab National Forest plus through the Dragon Corridor, the widest plus deepest section of the Grand Canyon, left me awestruck… By the time every one of us left Phoenix, AZ to go home, I knew I had just had the trip of a lifetime plus nothing else would ever compare. I was upset to leave my cousin plus go home, however it was time. I promised to visit her again in Phoenix, AZ, however I also hoped she would come condo to visit.


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