My first time in Santa Barbara

All through high school, I made plans to travel the country after graduation.

I intended to take a gap year before college, but I did not want to go to Europe.

I’d never been able to see the country and its fantastic sights. So, I set a goal to see if I wanted to go to college or start a business. My mom was supportive of the idea and even helped me save up my money. I worked at a neighbor’s farm after school and during the holidays to get enough money. Finally, when graduation came and passed, it was time to leave. The first place on my list as a kid who grew up in the cold was somewhere with lovely weather. I flew to Santa Barbara, which was where an aunt of mine lived. When she heard about my plans from my mom, she asked me to go and stay with her for some time. From there, I’d get a chance to explore the coastal city and all its splendor. I loved everything I’d ever read and heard about this location, so I did it. After arriving in the city, I had free reign of the place. My aunt is one of those free spirits who believe adventure is the best way to find yourself. She took me on the most beautiful trips and showed me all the places I could see fabulous summer clothes to wear. Then we happened to come across some weed dispensaries and grabbed some treats. Marijuana is legal in the city, and I was of age. I’d graduated high school at 21 years old after an illness I was battling delayed my education as a kid. That’s a story for another day.
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