I can't stand the cold weather, so my heat was a top priority

I don’t prefer the cold weather in Denver, Colorado, but I still decided to take a job in the mile high city.

I had a couple of places to choose from, but Denver seemed like the most interesting city.

I know the temperature during the winter months would be cold and frigid, so I chose an apartment with a gas furnace and radiant heated flooring. It was my top priority when choosing a place to live. I looked at several apartments with forced air heating, but I had my eye on a place with radiant heated floors throughout. This apartment was $300 more each month, but I knew the radiant heated flooring would keep me warm during December, July, and February. The first winter season was even colder than I imagined. I didn’t like going outside unless I was wearing a jacket, hat, gloves, and winter boots. I lasted approximately 3 years in Denver, and then I begged my boss to find me a position somewhere down south. I didn’t think the cold weather, ice, and snow would affect my health in a negative way, but every winter season I was experiencing physical problems like dry skin and hair, nosebleeds, and a sore throat. When I had the chance to move somewhere new, I jumped on the opportunity even though it was moving to Memphis. The differences between the two cities are like night and day. Sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice. This state is entirely too red and too conservative for a liberal hippie like me.

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