Gay pride is alive in New Mexico

There is so much history and culture in Albuquerque

My girlfriend and I moved to Albuquerque a couple of months ago. Both of us found jobs very quickly. We previously lived in a different state, but New Mexico is our home now. We moved here because New Mexico recently adopted recreational marijuana laws. It is now legal to consume cannabis and buy it from dispensaries. New Mexico has had legal medical cannabis for a long time, but as of last year, the whole state is recreational and medical. Another reason we decided to move to Albuquerque, because it has a wonderful lgbtq community. My girlfriend and I are part of that community. We have been dating for the past six years. Both of us came from a state that is more red than blue. it was difficult to be out and even more difficult to find pride events. Albuquerque has a lot of gay pride events in the month of June. This year was the first time that my girlfriend and I got to go to the pride fest. We went to a drag queen show and we danced at a bar until the middle of the morning. We drank vodka tonics with a couple of famous people. We walked in the Gay Pride Parade next to hundreds of thousands of other proud individuals. There is so much history and culture in Albuquerque. I’m so glad that my girlfriend and I made the decision to move to a state that is much more accepting of our lifestyle. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that New Mexico has legal marijuana for unbelievably low prices either.

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