During the day, it gets really warm and unbearable humid

I’ve been working at a souvenir shop in Cocoa, Florida.

The souvenir shop sells a variety of Cocoa, Florida objects like t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, magnets, cups, and lanyards. We also have a variety of beach supplies like towels, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, and boogie boards. We also have toys for birds that kids like sand pails and shovels. There is literally something for everyone at the souvenir shop in Cocoa, Florida where I work. I honestly don’t mind that job. I get to work indoors and there is AC inside of the building. I spent last summer working as a lifeguard at the Aquatic Center and I was miserable everyday when I came home from work. It was tough just to sit in the hot sun without moving. I needed to concentrate and it was a difficult task when the Sun was shining overhead. I’m much happier being at the souvenir shop where I can enjoy AC. That’s what I would have said last week, but this week I feel a bit different. The AC has not been working at all and my boss hasn’t paid anyone to fix it. She told me to start working with both of the doors open. I thought she was joking until I came to work the next day and both of the doors were propped open. I don’t want to work here if there isn’t going to be air conditioning. That is the entire reason why I chose the job in the first place. I’m hopeful she is just waiting until the first to make the repairs on the air conditioner


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