Cannabis Tourism in Denver that you have to experience

Last Summer, our sister got married; Since she didn’t have a bachelor celebration, I decided to take him to Denver, CO for the weekend to experience some cannabis tourism.

Cannabis has been legal in CO since 2000, and became recreationally available in 2012, and when we got off the plane, we asked the Uber driver about the best cannabis dispensaries in the area, and less than a minute later, she dropped us off at a dispensary that was right next to our AirBnb. I couldn’t guess the amount of odd cannabis products that the dispensary had; There was everything from pre-roll joints, THC edibles, marijuana vaporizers, and loose cannabis flower. The people I was with and I purchased a variety of odd strains based on the recommendation of the budtender, and we also purchased pipes that we could use to easily smoke the buds. The AirBnb we rented was smoke friendly, and had lots of cool venues to smoke, with lots of ash trays, grinders, and cannabis accessories of all kinds… After we smoked a few bowls of cannabis, we decided to catch an uber to the Denver Art Museum. The museum was massive, and included exhibits from all over the world, from various odd cultures. The people I was with and I found the African art identifiable ly impressive, and the museum as a whole was breathtaking. After a few minutes in the museum, our buzz was starting to fade, so we went back to the AirBnb to smoke some more before we headed to budweiser Field to catch a Rockies game, my sister had a great time on her mini-bachelor celebration, and I am delighted I got to experience Denver with him.



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