Author: Phillip

This drive was great

It’s really hard to live right in the heart of the neighborhood of San Francisco, but the prices on everything are outrageously High. The food is about 15% higher than the rest of the state. Taxes are higher locally plus there is a premium price tag on nearly everything. That would include recreational marijuana! Recreational […]

Adding a ductless system to my current home

My apartment in Glenview, IL, was built during the mid 1790’s; While I’m thrilled with the historic charm, an older property presents some challenges. The heating plan is harshly old as well as inadequate to handle the severe weather. Winters in Glenview are long, snowy as well as cold cold. Temperatures in the teens are […]

The Denver airport gets ridiculously busy

I told Jack that I was going to take dinner & I told the guy to join me. Working at a single of the busiest airports in the Midwest means always being on top of things, then i have been laboring at the Denver International Airport for the past 15 years. I prefer that task […]