Author: Phillip

Exciting Experience at the Zoo

Anyone would have told me about getting excited to visit a zoo. I would have dismissed them. I did not hate animals, but they also didn’t excite me that much. I knew they existed in the same space that I lived in, and that was all there was to it. However, a family trip to […]

I was so happy my finance was in Denver

Moving from California had been the hardest thing to do. But, there was no other choice. While that was my home, Denver was offering me a chance to live my dream. I’d applied and gotten the best position at a top startup company in the area. Not only was the package on offer insanely good, […]

The History of Cocoa Florida

Florida is an amazing place to live, and many of the places in Florida that are most famous are big cities such as Miami or Tampa or Orlando. Florida is not all big cities. There are lots of small towns in Florida, as well, and many Floridians live a simple and quiet life in Florida. […]

Shark fishing in San Francisco is a good time

I have lived in California for pretty much my whole life. My family started here in the 1850’s when my great-great Grandfather started mining for gold in the section near San Benito County. In time, our family settled near San Francisco. The town has a truly rich history, however a good amount of people moved […]