We were relocated to Spokane, Washington

None of us knew how to survive in the snow and ice

My husband is in the Air Force, and recently they relocated him. He took off for our new home while I packed up the house and transferred the kids’ school records to their new school. My young son was in second grade and he wanted to tell his friends where we were going. I told him we were moving to Spokane, WA. We were moving from Eglin Air Force Base in northwest Florida, which is near Pensacola, to Fairchild Air Force Base near Spokane, WA in the Pacific northeast. My son pulled out a map and looked at where we were and where we were moving and his eyebrows raised. He said it had to be a million miles away. I corrected him and told him it was over three thousand, but not a million miles. I knew he was going to miss his friends, but he was also excited to move and see daddy. My older daughter wasn’t as happy with our move. She was almost fifteen and not wanting to move. She asked if they had a beach there? She didn’t want to leave Florida and move to Spokane, WA. It was cold there and if there wasn’t enough heating, we would all freeze to death. None of us knew how to survive in the snow and ice. She demanded to know why we had to move to Spokane, WA and not stay here. I assured her she would make more friends, and Spokane was not going to be that bad. There was heating and air conditioning in every home, and she would be with her dad, whom we all missed.
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