We hit dispensaries on our way back home from Niagara Falls

When I was a kid, I remember fondly a video we watched in science class about Niagara Falls.

The idea of 700,000 gallons of water passing through those falls every second was mind blowing.

The sheer scale of those falls seemed great, even from my chair at the back of the classroom. There are three different falls in the Niagara gorge that constitute this world-renowned natural attraction. Even though I grew up and live in Toronto on the opposite end of Lake Ontario, the southward drive down the Ontario 403 Express through Hamilton before heading east to the city of Niagara Falls is long for a weekend trip. If the traffic is good, I can usually get there in under two hours and that will give me plenty of time to enjoy the area before I have to leave and head back toward Toronto. My friend and I decided to take a trip down to Niagara Falls again, but this time we weren’t really going because of the scenery. Instead, we wanted an excuse to stop at all of the cannabis dispensaries on the way there. Before we reached Oakville, we stopped at one of the highest rated cannabis dispensaries in Ontario located in Mississauga. The building wasn’t far from Centennial Park off the Ontario 401 Express. We grabbed vaporizer cartridges with liquified live rosin inside, which is the pinnacle of all cannabis concentrates in my opinion. The live rosin is both high in THC and in terpenes. We had a wonderful day at Niagara Falls with our live rosin cartridges in our pockets. Next week I’m going to do the same thing before visiting the Toronto Botanical Garden.
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