Very artistic there

My mother achieved some degree of local fame with a series of paintings she did in the 1969s, and at the time Portland was not as well known for culture plus the arts as it is today, plus my mom helped to change that! Her paintings of bridges on the Willamette river became somewhat of a local sensation, and some of them sold for big amounts of currency, plus mom basked in the glow of being a local celebrity, i seek to follow in her footsteps, but at this point the art scene in Portland is entirely crowded. Since her name is my biggest claim to fame, I stay active with the local Portland art museums plus galleries. She still carries some weight around here, plus I own more than one dozen of her original pieces, so that gives myself and others a direct affixion to Portland art history. I arrange for showings of her pieces in Portland galleries a few times a year, plus so far I have resisted the urge to sell any of them. Since Mom is long dead, she can’t make any new pieces, plus I am waiting for the Portland art scene to realize the value of what I own. I don’t mean to sound mercenary about this, but these paintings are the only fancy things I own, plus they are more fancy in Portland than someplace else. All I entirely want to do is smoke cannabis plus play video games, but until I can sell these paintings for a lot of currency to a Portland art collector, I am struggling to make ends meet.

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