Trying out different consumption methods when I take my cananbis

When I first started out visiting my local dispensary in Beverly Hills, I strictly focused on the different strains of flower.

  • I liked the old-school method of rolling my own joints, sitting back and enjoying a smoke.

The dispensary carries locally sourced flower that is wonderfully fresh, flavorful and potent. Eventually, the budtenders talked me into buying a few pre-rolls. I had to admit that they provided convenience. With the flower all rolled up for me, I don’t need to worry about waste or mess. Plus, pre-rolls are sold in singles and packs and are especially affordable. I can try new strains with a very minimal investment. Once I started experimenting with new strains and terpenes, I got interested in other consumption methods. The recreational dispensary in Beverly Hills carries an especially large selection of vapes. I like that I still get the enjoyment of smoking but without the carcinogens. Vaping is also more discreet. There’s no smoke or odors, and all I need to do is push a button and inhale. I can choose from disposable and refillable vapes and a wide variety of flavors. From vapes, I considered trying out concentrates. Because concentrates are made by extracting all the desirable cannabinoids and terpenes and getting rid of the extra plant matter, they are typically high in THC content. They can be vaped, dabbed, added to foods or even sprinkled on a joint for a boost of potency. I am fortunate that the dispensary includes a dab lounge. I’ve been able to learn this consumption method from knowledgeable professionals.

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