The San Fransisco area is quite beautiful

When my partner and I visited San Francisco last year, she picked the hotel and accommodations! I had never been to the area, however my partner grew up in the San Francisco area, however she was usual with all of the places and I knew she would make a fantastic decision on our accommodations.

She picked a hotel in the Haight-Ashbury District of San Francisco.

I told a couple of my friends about our plans and they thought it was weird that my partner picked the area, then the men tried to tell me that my partner was taking us to the gay and lesbians part of San Francscio, however I wasn’t distraught at all. The hotel was a absolutely cool and interesting place. It was close to diners, bars, and lots of nightlife. It was also in 1 of the oldest buildings in the entire city of San Francisco. That was the main reason my partner wanted to stay in the San Francisco Hotel. She saw the place on a TV show and thought it might be interesting to stay in the 250 year ancient building. I thought it was a absolutely fun and interesting experience, especially when both of us ordered recreational marijuana from a dispensary in the city. I did not expect my partner to propose using recreational marijuana and I was absolutely surprised when she agreed to order from a shop. The two of us got delivery right to the front door of our hotel room, however my partner and I were high the whole time both of us were there. I barely remember any of the mornings, so I’m thankful both of us took thoUSAnds of pictures while I was in the 5 morning adventure.

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