The Rockies baseball game was delayed, so we smoked in the car

The Colorado Rockies are a baseball team located in the city of Denver.

  • They are part of the National League and they play games downtown at Coors Field.

The Colorado Rockies have been my favorite baseball team since I moved to Denver. I didn’t know a lot about baseball then, but I met a nice guy who happily explained all of the rules to me. It took some time, but eventually I learned the difference between a bundt, throw, double play, and full count. When the Rocky’s offered good prices on all of their season tickets, my boyfriend surprised me and bought the two of us tickets for the whole season. I was happy that my boyfriend wanted me to join him for the games and I was also surprised that he was thinking about our future that far in advance. I think the baseball tickets really sealed the deal for me. Last Tuesday we went to a game in Denver and it was rained out. There was lightning for a while and the game had to be postponed until the rain stopped. My boyfriend and I sat outside in the car and smoked a marijuana joint while we waited for the game to start again. It was cool outside, which was a good thing. We didn’t want to have the windows rolled down because of the rain. We didn’t want to keep the car running the whole time because of the gas. We smoked two marijuana joints before we heard the official on the radio tell us that the game was going to really start at the top of the hour. When we heard that announcement, we quickly started Gathering up all of our things so we can head back into the Denver Stadium.

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