The park was filled with people waiting for the concert to begin

My friends and I went to Seattle to watch a rock and roll concert.

We had to drive about 2 hours, but we all went together to save on gas money.

We were excited to see the concert, because it was the first real event we attended since the coronavirus first occurred. As soon as my friends and I got to Seattle, we looked for a marijuana dispensary close to the concert venue. The concert was a free rock and roll concert and it was very close to a huge Park and outdoor area. My friends and I searched for a marijuana dispensary near me. We found several Seattle marijuana dispensaries in the close by area. Jack and I decided to take a walk while the other two guys stayed behind to make sure our seats were reserved. The guys gave us a list of the items they wanted from the shop. Jack and I purchased everything on the list, except for an eighth of marijuana that was listed in stock on the website, but turned out to be all sold out. The budtender offered to replace the marijuana with a different strain, but I honestly didn’t know what type of weed my friend would have wanted, so I decided just to get the rest of the items on the order instead. When I came back to the concert, I gave the guys all of the items. My friend was not very happy. I didn’t get another eighth of marijuana. I guess next time I will know, but we still had plenty of marijuana supplies for the whole evening.

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