The Orland Park repair provider was early to the appointment

When a repair provider gives me a time slot, I always expect that the woman is going to be as late as possible, if the cable corporation tells me 2:00 until 4:00, after that I expect to see the repair corporation around 4:00.

I’ve never had a repair corporation arrive early for an appointment! This month was the first time that happened and I was particularly ecstatic that it turned out to be the A/C repair corporation.

I called the Orland Park A/C corporation when I woke up and discovered our A/C unit was making a weird sound. The A/C unit still seemed to be working just fine. The temperature was common on the thermostat and the A/C was blowing cold air. I still did not love the sound coming from the unit so I called an Orland Park Heating as well as A/C repair corporation. The repair provider was supposed to come to give me an bid and evaluate the problem. I expected to see someone at 4:00, because that was the time that the answering repair gave me for the Orland Park Service provider. When the girl knocked on our door at 2:30, I was glad to be home, but she could tell that I was surprised and apologized for not calling ahead of time. The other job was right around the corner and the customer decided to wait until next month to have the repairs completed and that meant a time slot opened up for me. I particularly wasn’t going to say no, although I was surprised to see someone early for a change.


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