The highlight of the Denver tour was visiting Mount Evans

My boyfriend was going to be gone for a long time.

The military planned to deploy him soon, and I was so anxious about the separation.

It would be almost two years before he would be allowed to come back home again. As a way to make me feel better, he planned a trip to Denver, Colorado. I had mentioned that I had not visited this city and would want to do so one day. My boyfriend planned the whole trip, and I was pretty happy with this thoughtful gesture. It was almost winter, but we set off on the road trip anyway. We wanted to spend time in the city when there were not too many visitors. When we got to Denver, the weather was cooler. Luckily, the hotel he’d booked had a fantastic heating system which kept the atmosphere warm and comfortable at all times. We settled into our room and enjoyed a wonderful dinner alone. We were in Denver for a week, and I loved every minute of it. We were surprised to learn a lot of places did permit visitors even in winter. The excellent thing was we were alone or with only a handful of people. The highlight of the Denver trip for me was driving to Mount Evans. The views along the way were something out of a picture book. I had never stopped to marvel at so many sites before in my life. Every few meters, there was an excellent place to take in the wonders. I was glad my boyfriend had taken the time to plan this wonderful trip for us. These memories would keep him close to me when it was time for him to leave. When we finally got to the peak, I was at a loss for words.
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