The forests outside of Spokane

Have you ever seen the Goonies? It’s not the best comparison, because I don’t live anywhere near the ocean, but otherwise that film is pretty accurate to where I live. Endless fields of trees in every direction, such a bounty of nature it boggles the mind. Beyond that, this is a simple, nice place to live. We don’t have a crime rate, and even though the town keeps on growing, it still maintains that small town feel. That’s why I love living in Spokane, WA, and I don’t think I will ever leave. During the week I work as an HVAC tech for one of the local companies, and the work is steady but unexcited. On the weekends I like to leave Spokane behind me and get lost in the woods, like I did when I was a kid. Maybe that’s why the Goonies hit me so hard, because it reminded me of the adventures I used to have in the thick forests around Spokane. There is a lot of logging country around Spokane, like with many parts of Washington, but if you know about logging trails it’s easy to wind your way deep into the heart of the old woods. We would spend a day riding our bikes on the logging trails and seeing wonderful sights of nature, within just a couple miles of Spokane. I still do that, to this very day, and I will leave my HVAC job, my friends, and the city of Spokane behind me while I go look for adventures in the deep forest.


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