The first day in Evansville, Indiana

We had not had a family vacation in a long time.

When the pandemic hit, we had to cancel all our plans. It was too risky to travel even within the country. Everyone was self-isolating, just trying to stay safe. After a year, we finally had a chance to do a local visit but weren’t sure where to go. We wanted somewhere we had not been to before. This was a place away from the usual tourist attractions. By summer, we had narrowed down our pick of top vacation spots to Evansville, IN. Indiana was a great state, and Evansville was strategically located on the Ohio River. We arrived late one summer evening and went straight to our hotel. Everyone wanted to be relaxed and fresh for the next day. Mom had prepared an itinerary of things to do and places to see. Day one was going to be my favorite. We got up early the following morning and went downstairs for breakfast. It was already hot outside, and the hotel had its AC unit cranked well on a cool mode to keep everyone comfortable. We took a taxi and headed to Evansville Museum of Arts and History when we left the hotel. I loved art and history because both told an endless take about a place. My parents were happy to indulge my passion, and I had been first to pick a place to go. The museum was located in the Downtown Historic District and first opened its doors in Evansville in 1874. We got there right on time to enjoy the wonderful museum highlights tour, and I loved every minute of it. It was amazing to see and learn about the art and history of this lovely city at every turn. Even a traveling exhibition and some permanent ones that even my brother found quite interesting for once.


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