The dispensary had a BOGO sale on all concentrates

There are a lot of fun activities in San Francisco.

It is one of my favorite cities to visit in the Bay Area.

I live in Oakland, about an hour away from the city of San Francisco. When my friends and I want to do something fun, we usually go to the city for the day. There are lots of very interesting things to do in San Francisco. San Francisco is a very big city, but there are still lots of fun activities. Not all of the activities are geared toward the tourists. My friends and I decided to spend our day at the water. We rented some kayaks from a park and we went out on the bay for a couple of hours. Before we went to the Bay, we went to a San Francisco dispensary. The place was having a sale on all of their live resin concentrate. They were all buy one and get one for half off. I didn’t plan on purchasing concentrates, but I couldn’t pass up the sale. I purchased a couple of pre-rolled marijuana joints and I also got 2 Grams of sativa concentrate. My friends bought a couple of pre-rolls and some concentrates too. While we were out on the kayak, I had to leave all of my products in the car. I was nervous the whole time we were on the water, because I worried that someone would steal the cannabis items right out of the car. Of course, everything was fine and the car was left untouched during our day trip.


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