The Denver football team isn't that good anymore

When I was a kid, the best football team in the world was the Denver Broncos.

My parents were large fans of the football team.

Even though our family did not have a huge amount of currency, Seasons tickets were always purchased to see the Denver Broncos play. My dad and addition to my mom took my brother in addition to myself when you’re so we could see a football game. It was a more than three hour drive to the city of Denver, but my brother in addition to myself were happy the entire way. It was a single of the only times that all of us remember having lots of quality time with our parents. They told us about the football game and told us about the football heroes. My family in addition to myself spent all of our day in Denver even when the game was over. The Denver Broncos won the football game in a large blowout fashion. My dad in addition to Mom took us to a steak place and we had a cold beer. After 25 years, the two of us still can’t stop thinking about that Denver game. It was easily a single of the greatest memories from my time as a child. I often suppose about taking children of my own to the game, but football season is seriously cold and there is no heat. I’d rather watch the game from the Heat of my own comfortable home where the beers are cheap and the food is delicious. I would much rather watch the Denver game from the comfort of my living room.
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