The Denver airport was shut down for many hours after the bomb scare

Working at a single of the busiest airports in the Midwest means constantly being on top of things, and i have been working at the Denver International Airport for the past 15 years.

I love that job a lot, because of the wonderful pay and benefits.

I work with a group of guys that are fun and goofy; We constantly have a wonderful time at work, even when the airport is busy. We did not have fun at work last weekend when there was a bomb scare, however someone called the airport to report there was a bomb in terminal C. I was working in terminal C at the time. We had to evacuate the entire Denver airport, and everyone was moved from terminal C and then the police arrived to go through the area square foot at a time… There were never any bombs found inside of the building. The call turned out to be a prank, but it still scared and upset a lot of the people working at the airport, after the call and the search for the bomb, I needed a break. I told Jack that I was going to take supper and I told the girl to join me. The airport had been shut down for 8 hours and I was ready to smoke a large marijuana joint. I rolled a joint in the washroom before Jack and I went outside to take our break. As soon as I could aroma fresh air, I lit up the marijuana cigarette and started smoking. I felt all of the stress and aggravation melt away as soon as I started puffing on the marijuana cigarette.

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