Tampa bay has some really nice neighborhoods

My wife and I were looking for houses in the Tampa Bay Region.

We were happy to live anywhere in Hillsborough County, but we were hoping to stay closer to Tampa Bay.

We looked for several months, because we had a list of options that we absolutely wanted to have in our new home. The place needed a pool, because Tampa has some of the most hot and humid weather during the summer months. We also wanted to find a house with a brand new Heating and air-conditioning system for the same exact reason. The weather can be downright terrible during summer months and it is absolutely important to have a proper Central AC unit in place. We looked at one house with a really nice inground pool, but the heat pump and air conditioner were terribly old and the homeowner did not want to come down on the price so we could replace the system. Luckily, Tampa Bay has a lot of really nice neighborhoods. After six weeks, the realtor found our perfect place. The 4 bedroom Ranch has a formal living room and a formal dining room. It is in a neighborhood with two community pools, water slides, and a giant playground. We don’t have our own pool, but we do have a state-of-the-art heating and air conditioning system with a smart thermostat. The house is also in one of the nicer neighborhoods in Tampa Bay. As soon as we heard the asking price, we immediately placed our bid. Sixty days later, we were moving into the house of our dreams.

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