Stopping at a Denver, CO dispensary prior to hike

The best way to appreciate the scenery in the Denver area is to hike the trails. There are nearly limitless hiking options, with each one offering unique features and a different experience. There are more than 50 Colorado hikes that lead to stunning waterfalls. There are more than twenty hiking trails less than 30 minutes from the city of Denver. There are over two thousand lakes in the state. From elevation and towering rock formations to gorgeous lakes and landscapes, there is no way to get tired of it. I live in the Denver area and head out to explore the natural beauty of the area whenever I have some free time. I can easily fill every weekend with a worthwhile and enjoyable expedition. I sometimes hike with friends and sometimes go by myself. It’s a wonderful chance to breathe fresh air, work my muscles and clear my head. I always fill a backpack with essentials for the sake of safety and convenience. I carry along water, bug repellent, sunscreen, a compass and make sure my phone is charged. I pack granola bars, apples and cannabis-infused gummies. I usually make a stop at the dispensary in Denver prior to a hike. I stock up on different types of tasty edibles, beverages and tinctures. They are easy to transport, require no special accessories and cause no mess. There’s no smoke or odor. I’ve found that the right strain of cannabis gives me a little boost of energy and makes for a more enjoyable hike. Plus, the CBD helps with sore muscles and inflammation.



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