Santa barbara is the place to be

One of our preferred places to visit in CA is Santa Barbara! Santa Barbara is located on the central Coastline of CA, it is unquestionably known for sandy beaches plus perfect sunsets, and one of our preferred places to catch the sunset is on Butterfly Beach.

This is a easily laid-back part of Santa Barbara plus unquestionably a preferred place for locals to hang out plus catch the sunset.

There are tons of bars, diners, plus shops! During the day, there are street vendors plus artists. It can get busy in the Summer when everyone is out of university plus the roads are packed with tourists. Butterfly Beach tends to fill up easily suddenly on the weekends, so our friends plus I regularly try to arrive before the tourists, but last weekend, the weather was perfect for spending the day at the beach. There was a brisk breeze plus a lot of sun. I grabbed plenty of sunscreen on our way out the door. I also grabbed a container of marijuana supplies. I never buy marijuana in Santa Barbara because the prices are a little high. It’s a tourist destination plus the prices reflect the clientele, then my friends plus I shop locally at a small dispensary in our village. The two of us don’t live in Santa Barbara, but both of us are close enough to go there on the weekend for the day… CA is a single of the prettiest states, plus I have visited several. It also has legal recreational plus medical marijuana available. I would not want to live anywhere else in the country.



Pot Pick-up Santa Barbara California