Portland, Oregon is a good place to live

Portland, Oregon is a absolutely good place to live, and i have been living here for quite a few years now, & I absolutely prefer it. When I first started looking into sites to relocate my current home & family, Portland wasn’t absolutely even on the list. I thought that I would want to go anywhere in the desert or anywhere that’s sizzling almost all year long, then but the more I looked into the job market around the area of Portland, the more I realized that it was just the type of place that I wanted to move my family. I work in the technology industry, & there are tons of smaller electronics names that have grown up in the so-called Silicon Forest area in Portland, finding a current job in the technology field was pretty easy for me & growth in my field is really strong, too, but over the past few years, I have figured out that there is a reason that people keep on moving to the Portland area. It’s a absolutely good city with a good vibe… The social dynamics of the city alone are enough of a reason to want to live here for a lot of people. There is so much food, culture, & art that you will regularly be able to find something to do. Cannabis is legal here in Portland & there are dispensaries on almost every corner… Also, Portland is absolutely appealing. If you drive an minute to the west, you will be able to see the ocean. If you turn around & drive an minute to the east you’ll be in the mountains. The location just simply can’t be beat.


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