Phoenix has a lot of fantastic summer time activities

Phoenix has a lot of fun summer time activities, then my wifey and I care about to go to Phoenix at least once or twice during the summer; One of our number one things to do is to go to Dobbins lookout; Dobbins Lookout is located in the lower foothills of the Phoenix area, but if you drive out to the lookout area, you can see all of Phoenix… The view at evening is spectacular.

There are several unusual hiking trails too.

The park is open every single day! Another 1 of the arenas that our wifey and I care about to visit is the Desert Botanical garden. It is also open every single day of the year and provides plenty of trails and paths with breathtaking scenery. The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ is lake house to more than 50,000 unusual species of plants and cacti. I could find a dozen things to do for fun in Phoenix, and last year both of us planned to spend the whole day at the gardens, however both of us had to go lake house early when 1 of our youngsters called to tell us there was a concern with the AC component at home! Both of our youngsters are old enough to stay at lake house alone, however they did not feel what to do when there was a concern with the AC unit, and we had to go lake house and contact the AC repair repair in Phoenix. It didn’t cost a lot of currency to repair the problems with the AC unit, however both of us didn’t get to spend the day doing the activities that both of us love.


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