Packing up and moving to CA

When I decided to move to California, I didn’t have much in the way of savings.

I packed up my little car with all of my possessions and made the drive across the country.

I am from the northeastern area where there’s very cold weather. I grew up with 8 months of temperatures below freezing. I was accustomed to temperatures down to twenty below zero and at least four feet of snow every winter. The spring seasons were always rainy, chilly and very windy. The fall seasons were beautiful but didn’t last long enough. Our summer season was short and humid. I was done with all of that. I had some car trouble along the way that nearly depleted my savings. I arrived in San Francisco with no idea where I was going to live or how I was going to earn money. I was prepared to sleep in my car if necessary. I was lucky to find a very cheap apartment. It was located right between a grocery store and a cannabis dispensary. I had to park my car on the street. It was always difficult to find a parking spot. The apartment didn’t have air conditioning and most of the windows were painted shut. The heating system was ancient. I was thankful that the weather in San Francisco is so moderate all year long. It rarely gets cold enough to require heating or hot enough to need air conditioning. I dealt with low water pressure, very few power outlets and a stove that burned everything. I didn’t trust the locks on the door. However, I managed to get a job at the dispensary. I immediately loved it. I have been there for nearly five years now. I have moved into a much nicer apartment and couldn’t be happier with my decision to relocate.

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