My parents have their opinions

When I went to school for computer programming, I never believed it would change our life! I enjoyed coding plus programming plus I was truly good, my professor noticed our work plus told me about an internship for twitter for San Francisco. The paid internship was a sizable deal plus our professor guaranteed the spot for me. My husband was surprised by the news that I wanted to uproot our life plus move to the west coast, although he never questioned the decision for a minute. I like that about her; She is so incredibly supportive… After moving to San Francisco, our life has been harshly different. The people I was with and I never lived in the city before now. The people I was with and I lived on a dirt road in the middle of farm country. My parents still live in the same home that I grew up in. They grow corn, potatoes, plus tomatoes. They have never left the state of NE… When our husband plus I told them that the two of us were going to move to California, they called us sellouts plus got irritated. I think they were nervous to lose us, but they took the news truly hard. The people I was with and I have lived here for five years plus they haven’t bothered to visit even 1 time. My husband plus I have even provided to pay for the plane tickets plus hotel room. They suppose the city is filled with pot smokers plus drug dealers. They think the place has recreational cannabis sales plus that’s all they ever talk about. They suppose most people in the city is a recreational cannabis smoker, just because it is available.


Marijuana San Fransisco CA