My city is a biking one

I am a big time bicycle fan.

I entirely like working out by riding a bike.

I have a speaker that I mount to our handlebars, a water battle mount, phone holder and a bin to hold a sweat towel. I can ride entirely in style. I love riding through our village of Albuquerque. It is a biker friendly area. There are lots of actual bike lanes and people are aware of us bikers. I can ride and believe totally safe. I save money, our waistline and the environment by biking a lot more. It is so easy to run errands. I can just hop on our bike and head over to the post office, bank and then our cannabis dispensary. My bin makes it easy to carry small packages, deposits and whatever I manage to pick up from the legal weed shop. I usually just pick up some CBD oil, an edible and maybe some new cannabis oil to vape later on. When I decide I want to do a big biking work out, I do one of the main trails Albuquerque has to offer. Albuquerque’s Bicycle Boulevards have yellow 18 mile per speed limit signs for motorists to let them believe when the two of us are coming. There are over 400 miles of biker friendly routes to choose from and they are all beautiful. There are even some hiking roads that an off roading bike can jump on. I do that occasionally if I want a little challenge in our work out. At this point I am debating on even owning a vehicle.



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