Lots of things for me to do in New Mexico

Every year my friends and I do a boys trip.

The group of us try to change where we go and not go too far from home.

Since all of us are married and have kids, the group of us don’t want to do the big party scene and nightlife anymore. The boy’s trip still needs to be fun however. This year the group of us are going to Albuquerque, New Mexico and I suppose it will be a relaxing time. One thing the village has to offer is golf. There is Twin Warriors Golf Club and Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club. Those more than one place are considered the best however Albuquerque has over 14 courses to choose from. With the local weather regularly being temperate too, there isn’t a worry over cold and rain making it horrible. Another perk of Albuquerque is that cannabis is legal too. The guys and I live in a state where you can only get medical marijuana if you fill out the papers and spend money. The men have all talked about how cool it will be to just walk into a dispensary and pick up some legal weed. I do suppose one night the group of us will all get super baked on cannabis flower, oil and edibles. That will be our wild night that the group of us don’t tell the wives about. Another fun thing is that Albuquerque does have a lot of neat eating establishments and biking routes too. There just seems to be a lot to do that is fun however relaxing. It will be neat trying the Mexican food and local dishes. I really love spicy food too.

Recreational Marijuana Albuquerque New Mexico