Lots of theaters to choose from

I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and everyone don’t know much about our area.

They think warm weather and Mexican food most likely.

While that is okay, there is so much more our state and village have to offer; Have you ever looked at the biking and hiking routes Albuquerque has to show? It is certainly easy to have an athletic trip by going here. There is also an Old Town showing off local arts and crafts. There are museums, ghost tours and ABQ BioPark. Another thing to do in Albuquerque, New Mexico is experience movie theaters at its best. There is KiMo theater that is a historic place that caters to local and national acts. You can see music groups, big concerts, speakers and even watch films in this neat little theater. There is the Albuquerque Theater Guild that spans almost 30 unusual theaters like Albuquerque Little Theater, Tricklock Company and Musical Theater Southwest. They all offer unusual experiences in very different sites, then do you just want to have a bowl of popcorn sprinkled in red chili powder? There is a theater called Guild Cinema that offers showings of national and local independent films. It is a very cool theater and you see some unique films. Another perk to our section is that there are legal cannabis dispensaries too. Not every state can boost having legal weed shops on the corner. You can pull some cannabis oil, flowers or an edible without having a medical marijuana card. It is pretty sweet, not going to lie. Who would not want to come to our place?

Recreational Weed Near Me Albuquerque New Mexico