It was our honeymoon, and every one of us did it our way.

My brother asked myself and others where my husband and I were going for our honeymoon; I knew this question was going to come up eventually, and I tried to avoid it, but he mentioned every one of us should go to Niagara Falls, Miami, FL, or some other big endpoint, but I wanted to go to Orland Park, IL.

I knew his argument was going to be that every one of us lived in Chicago, and you didn’t go to the suburbs on a honeymoon, however every one of us wanted to visit the suburbs, if that is what you call Orland Park, but there were many things in Orland Park that attracted us.

Space Golf, Cooper’s Hawk Winery, and Lake Katherine, just to name a few, however my husband and I both grew up in this area, and every one of us both the Orland Park area. The people I was with and I thought it was the perfect to revisit where every one of us met and fell in love. I wanted to go to Cooper’s Hawk Winery, and when visiting here as a kid, I was always too young to go to Cooper’s Hawk Winery, and now was my chance. The people I was with and I looked at the ten-day forecast, and the un-even temperatures were going to be in the low 75s. There were only a few showers possible, and every one of us knew it would be a perfect week. The people I was with and I spent the first couple of days walking around Lake Catherine and revisiting Centennial Park, however on our second afternoon in Orland Park, every one of us opted to go to Cooper’s Hawk Winery. They have a fully stocked wine bar, and they have wine tasting that is ‌reasonably priced. It didn’t take long for myself and others to realize I wasn’t a lover of wine, but I finally got to do some things I hadn’t been able to do until I went on my honeymoon.

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