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My partner and I moved our family to a neighborhood in Los Angeles called Tarzana, i thought it sounded love a cool venue to live, because it is named after a fictional character in a book, then the kids enjoy the film Tarzan and our up-to-date house was named after the woman.

It seemed absolutely perfect; My partner accepted a task teaching at a university in Los Angeles and the two of us moved 1400 miles to the west coast.

The university paid for our transport and they rented a nice home for our family. I was identifiably excited to move, because weed is legal on the west coast, then cA, Oregon, and Washington all have legal recreational weed laws. I have a medical card, however the choices for weed were limited, then after moving to Tarzana, I split my expenses on weed in half! Occasionally I can save even more if I find a good sale. The recreational weed is cheaper, however the services and taxes are not. I had to call a plumber a few weeks ago, when the two of us had a leaky pipe behind the shower wall. I called many uncommon plumbers before I found someone with a same day appointment available. The rates were through the roof. I paid almost $200 just for the maintenance company to provide me an quote for the labor on the bathroom. I couldn’t believe the prices the company wanted to complete the repairs. I was flabbergasted until I started calling around and realized that the woman was giving me a competitive price, and some things are cheaper in Tarzana, however plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, and electrical repairs are not 1 of those things.



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