I went to college down south, but moved shortly after I was done

I grew up in rural Farm country surrounded by corn and potatoes. I wanted to get out of that place badly and I knew that college was the answer. I studied every day and every night. I didn’t go to parties or hang out with my friends. I concentrated on getting good grades so I could go to the College of my choice. After I finished high school, I had my pick of several colleges. I decided to attend a school in Tampa, Florida. I was absolutely excited to attend the Tampa University and they agreed to give me a full scholarship. My mom and dad were unhappy that I decided to move 2000 miles away from home, but I was ready to get out of that place. Sometimes you don’t know what you have until it is gone and that is absolutely What occurred to me. I wanted to get out of town, but I didn’t anticipate the way I would feel after I left home. Not only did I miss my family, but I was not accustomed to the heat and humidity. The weather in Tampa is a lot different than the weather in Massachusetts. I thought it would be warmer with more heat and humidity, but it felt like hell. Every time I went outside, I was miserable. I only spent two years in Tampa before I decided to transfer back home to a school closer to my mom and dad. I thought moving to Tampa would give me a better life, but I was wrong. At least I still had a place to come back to.


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