I drove down south to help a commercial business

I spent 5 years laboring for a Phoenix, AZ commercial Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C repair provider, then i gave all of my blood, sweat, as well as tears to that job.

I thought that the owner of the Phoenix, AZ commercial Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C provider would eventually believe my tough work as well as deliver me a raise or a promotion! After 5 years on the job, I was still laboring in the same dead end position as well as I wasn’t going anywhere.

I had to change things fast in order to make all of my dreams come true. I decided to start my own Contracting business. I had to save up for a couple of months so I had the currency to pay for the business license as well as insurance fees… Once I had my businesss license, I started advertising my services as well as all of the newspapers as well as magazines around the phoenix, Arizona area. It has been honestly slow, but recently I picked up a modern buyer that is going to help me get more sales; The commercial business owner called me to help with a boiler problem. I drove all the way to the south end of Phoenix to help the commercial buyer with the boiler problem. That guy has several other businesss in Phoenix as well as he wants me to start servicing all of the heating as well as air conditioner equipment. One site is a dry cleaning business as well as another is a well known pizza shop. The second business is a check currencying store. I will have at least several wonderful reasons to drive into the village each week. I hope that is the start of more commercial business.

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