I don't want to pay more money for the place

My associate in addition to myself live in a place with multiple family rooms.

It is multiple miles from my job however the two of us can get there actually entirely using the subway station. My roomie were close to our apartment. He is a budtender at a marijuana dispensary. Legal weed is a very good reason to dwell in Denver, Colorado. It wasn’t my specific reason for moving to the area, as both of us have lived in the state for a long time. Renting a place in Denver is a seriously hyphy. My associate plus myself pay $2,500 for a more than one family room apartment. The home Community has a minute he prefers a sauna, swimming pool, fitness center, and Game Room. My friends and I enjoyed all of the activities. Last month the Home Building owner updated the heating, ventilation in addition to the AC component. My roommate in addition to myself were inconvenienced most of the day, but the new heating, ventilation and addition to AC equipment is now installed. It actually works better and now the odors inside of our home are cleaner in addition to fresher. Yesterday I found a note on the apartment door and it was from the home manager. My roommate in addition to myself will have to pay higher rental rates when we renew the lease and next month. The venue is going to charge more currency due to the updated heating, ventilation in addition to the AC component. I don’t want to move out.

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