I called the service three times before I got an answer

When the furnace broke down, I tried to call the Evansville furnace repair service.

In fact, I tried to call the repair service three times before I actually got an answer.

It was late in the evening and after hours and there was only a single person answering the phones. When I finally reached the Evansville furnace repair service, I asked for a technician to come to my home immediately. I knew it was going to cost extra money for the after-hours service call, but I didn’t mind paying the money if the repair technician fixed the problem. The kids were getting ready to go to sleep and they had school the next morning. I put a small space heater in the bedroom for them, but it was going to get colder and colder as the night hours progressed. After waiting a total of 2 hours, the furnace repair technician finally arrived. The guy looked like he was awake and ready to start his day. I could barely keep my eyes open at midnight. I had a couple of cups of coffee with an extra jolt of caffeine. The repair technician did not finish with the job until 3 in the morning, but the repair was complete and finalized. The house was at the right temperature in the morning when the alarm rang at 7. It was only in the single digits outside, so I’m glad I didn’t wait to have the problem with the furnace fixed. The whole house would have been very cold when the kids woke up for school that morning.

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