I am thinking about planning a staycation in Cocoa

I need a staycation so bad because I am burned out from work, and i would like to just take a weekend trip to do something low key but fun, however my wifey recommended going to Cocoa because that is 1 of her favorite places in FL; Now, I haven’t been to Cocoa in a long time.

In fact, it has been over 10 years since I visited.

I remember going to Cocoa Village, as well as I loved the shops as well as boutiques along the main street, however the park was also quite nice as I remember there were tunesians playing tunes inside of it. The only thing that I didn’t like was that I was there in the middle of the Summer, so it was quite hot outside. It’s hard to appreciate an outside venue when the temperature is hovering in the 90’s… Especially when there is no air conditioning or a place to cool off, then so, this time around, if I return to Cocoa, I would like to do something fun that would have some places with air conditioning; After a quick search, I found a fantastic interest that would be perfect while I am there. It’s the Village Food Tours Lunch as well as History Tour. Not only would I get to learn the history of the area, however I would also get to eat yummy food in air conditioned diners. This tour sounds great, as well as it has a 5-star rating, so I am seriously considering booking it! Once I can find a fantastic hotel in Cocoa with some awesome amenities, I might be heading there for my staycation.


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