Honeymoon problems at a recreational weed dispensary

Due to COVID plus all the travel difficulties I decided to elope stateside, then my fiance plus I were originally planning on an overseas ceremony plus honeymooning there; Instead all of us choose to go to CA.

Both of us wanted someplace warm, classy plus would provide us attractive pictures, cA is such a large state though.

I went through our chances of San Francisco, San Diego or Santa Barbara. My fiance plus I then settled on Los Angeles. I am a big film fan plus all of us undoubtedly wanted to get pampered. In LA you are guaranteed to have wonderful meals out, a wonderful hotel with spa services plus have lots to do, however one thing I undoubtedly wanted to do on our honeymoon was visit a recreational cannabis dispensary. Our state only allows for medical marijuana. I never went through the hoops to get a medical weed card plus I undoubtedly didn’t have a reason for 1. I just wanted to first see a recreational weed shop, try some edibles plus have a fun time. I knew that our fiance plus I could entirely do that in Los Angeles. I was surprised by the vast amount of cannabis dispensaries there… They all have strange features enjoy a dab bar, vape lounge or locally grown edibles. I researched plus found the best 1 that was closest to our hotel… Rather than drink heavily on our honeymoon plus assume terrible the next afternoon, the two of us opted to buy some recreational weed plus get high instead. It was a much more wonderful time for us plus more memorable.


Recreational Pot Los Angeles CA