Getting cannabis delivered to treat pain from torn trapezius muscle

I keep myself very fit, healthy and strong.

I make an hour-long workout session a part of my morning routine.

My exercise regimen includes high-intensity cardio, strength training, balance exercise and lots of stretching. Because of my level of fitness, I feel confident tackling difficult home remodeling projects. I have no problem replacing ceiling light fixtures, clearing out the gutters along the roof and cleaning behind the refrigerator. Last summer, I decided to remodel the laundry room and master bathroom. This required tearing out the ceilings and walls and ripping up the floors. I ran new plumbing pipes, updated the electrical wiring and replaced the window. I installed and laid a new ceramic tile floor. One of the most strenuous aspects of the job was hanging drywall for the ceiling. I needed to support the sheet of drywall above my head while maneuvering the heavy drill. Although I cut the sheets of drywall in half, they were still cumbersome and heavy. It was difficult to hold them in place and I felt the strain in my back. At the end of the day, the pain became so intense that I needed to lie down. When the upper left of my back swelled, turned purple and became extremely painful, I went to the doctor and learned that I’d torn my trapezius muscle. I had no choice but to lie flat on my back on the couch for three weeks. I couldn’t sit up or stand, walk up the stairs or even wash my own hair. I used an ice pack and was thankful for cannabis-infused topicals, vapes and tinctures. There is a dispensary just down the road in Muskegon. They provided delivery right to my door. I applied the topicals directly to the sore and swollen muscle. I used the vapes and tinctures for rapid onset of effects. I can shop the inventory of Muskegon dispensary online, place an order and choose delivery service without even getting off the couch.

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