Five days a week, I help with furnace repairs

I moved back home a couple of years ago, after my girlfriend and I broke up.

We were together for 5 years living in an apartment.

We were sharing our expenses and our life until she decided to end the relationship. I thought she was seeing someone else, but she promised that the problems in our relationship had nothing to do with another person. I couldn’t say anything at all to refute what my girlfriend was saying. I knew the relationship was over 6 months ago. I just didn’t want to be the person to end things. When I left my girlfriend, I moved back home to Glenview Illinois to live with my parents. I didn’t have a lot of money in my savings account and I needed to get back on my feet. My mom and dad were super gracious and kind. They were happy to have me back home for a couple of months. My dad gave me a job at the furnace repair business. My dad has been working for the Glenview furnace repair business for 25 years. He pretty much runs things now and doesn’t have to take any service calls. My dad gave me a job helping out in the shop. I don’t help with furnace repairs, because I am not a certified technician. I help out in the shop and make sure that all of the technicians have the items they need to complete the work on their schedule. I don’t mind helping my dad out right now and it’s nice to have a regular weekly paycheck.

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